Bellarmine University offered 50+ courses with components of service-learning in the 2013-2014 school year. These courses require service in the community, reflection, and Service-learning is an integral part of in and out of classroom learning. A testament to this is the first endowed physical therapy clinic being housed on campus as well as the numerous community partnerships taking place through curricular and co-curricular learning.

  • 35 faculty reported requiring a component of service or engagement in their courses
  • 81% of Seniors responding to the NSSE (2012) report participation in service-learning courses during their time at Bellarmine.
  • 76% of Seniors reported participation in community service during their four years at Bellarmine compared to the national average of 59% on the NSSE 2012 survey.
  • In May of 2015 100% of Bellarmine Students will participate in service at least once during their experience at BU.

Service-Learning Experiences of Students

“Service is that which teaches what the classroom cannot. It encourages humility, a selfless heart, situational awareness, and an overall oneness with the world. Service sews us together with a thread made of one fulfilled need after the other. There is a cyclical transfusion of culture, in service, that cannot be reconstructed in any other context."
—Christian Garner, Business Major, Class of 2014

"I strongly believe that service is a crucial part of learning in college. Service-learning provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in ways that they cannot in a typical classroom. Taking classes allows students to learn skills, but being able to apply those skills in real life circumstances through participation in service-learning makes the experience go full-circle. Being able to participate in service-learning allows for students to not only help out their community by impacting change, but also gain a multitude of knowledge from real-life experiences. I have gained a sense of awareness about the world, and a higher purpose."
—Marissa Leese, Communications Major, Class of 2014