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Committee Information

The Committees of the Staff Council include the Coordinating Committee, Communications Committee, Employee Affairs & Benefits Committee, Nominating/Elections/Bylaws Committee, and the Social & Staff Development Committee. The purpose statement of each committee is shown below, along with a list of committee members. Contact individuals or contact the whole council by emailing

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will work to create a more cohesive community by:

  • Sharing minutes, meeting dates, and all other Staff Council activities with staff members.
  • Providing opportunities for inter-department communication (i.e. events, new hires, promotions, retirements, Human Resources issues, etc).
  • Exploring other means of communicating with the staff members.
  • Addressing other communications issues relating to staff members as necessary.
  • Ensuring all staff members have access to all of the above information.

Employee Affairs & Benefits Committee

The Employee Affairs & Benefits Committee will serve as an advisory body to the Bellarmine University Staff Council. The committee will collect and research staff concerns and issues related to the welfare and benefits of University staff. The committee will gather information, present alternatives and solutions, and make recommendations to the Staff Council, which may pass resolutions to forward to the President and the Cabinet.

Nominating/Elections/Bylaws Committee

The Nominating/Elections/Bylaws Committee will seek nominations for officers and monitor the elections to be held in April of each year. The committee is also responsible for the drafting of the Council bylaws for approval by the President and the Staff Council.

Staff Development and Social Committee

The purpose of the Staff Development and Social Committee is to strengthen the university's working community by coordinating opportunities for personal and professional growth through educational activities and social interactions.