Committee Information

All Staff Councilors shall serve on a minimum of one committee. Each standing committee shall meet as often as desirable or necessary to carry out its designated responsibility and the time of such meetings shall be designated by the committee chair. Each committee shall elect a chairperson and a secretary. Each committee will set its agenda with the concurrence of the Coordinating Committee. The committee secretary shall record minutes and forward such minutes to the Coordinating Committee. The Staff Council Vice-President will keep copies of the minutes of all committee meetings.

Coordinating Committee

  • Consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Past-President
  • Arranges meeting dates/agenda and meet prior to each schedule Staff Council meeting
  • Assign issues to committees
  • Handle the logistics and details of Staff Council governance organization
  • Conduct elections including seeking nominations, determining eligibility, and conducting the vote

Communications Committee 

  • Sharing information about upcoming events, announcements, minutes, meeting dates, and all other activities of the Staff Council with staff members
  • Creating PR for events or other needs of the Staff Council
  • Providing opportunities for inter-departmental communication (i.e., events, new hires, promotions, retirements, Human Resources issues, etc.)
  • Exploring other means of communicating with the staff members beyond email
  • Addressing other communications issues relating to staff members as necessary
  • Ensuring all staff members have access to all of the above information

Employee Affairs & Benefits Committee

The Employee Affairs/Benefits Committee will serve as an advisory group on topics such as
compensation, benefits, staff development, work life, and staff concerns by providing information and recommendations as requested by the University President. Representatives from this committee will serve on the University President’s Benefits Committee. 

Social and Community Activities Committee

The Social and Community Activities Committee’s purpose is to strengthen and build the University working community through the organization of social interaction and purposeful events and activities that will benefit Bellarmine colleagues and the surrounding community. The Committee will work to identify and coordinate opportunities for personal and professional development in three areas:

  • Organization and communication
  • Health and wellness
  • Community building

Ad Hoc Committees

Additional committees or subcommittees may be appointed by the University President or the President of the Staff Council as appropriate.