Council Representatives

The Staff Council is comprised of department representatives and representatives at-large. A current list of Staff Council Representatives is below. Each representative is asked to also serve on one of the Staff Council standing committees.

Staff Council Members

  • Emily Brock (Academic Affairs) — President 
  • Abigail Walsh (Academic Schools) — Vice President
  • Leah Downs (Admin and Finance) — Secretary/Treasurer
  • Calene Baldwin (Academic Affairs) — Past President
  • Julie Benvie (Academic Schools)
  • Shelby Bosi-Linton (Academic Affairs)
  • Dominique Clayton (Academic Affairs)
  • Christopher Cooper (Office of Senior VP)
  • Kristin Earls (Development and Alumni Relations)
  • Christopher Golden (Admin and Finance)
  • Kent Jennings (Enrollment, Marketing and Communication)
  • Dawn Jewell (Academic Schools)
  • Cynthia Lally (Student Affairs)
  • Jacqueline McNatt (Student Affairs)
  • Emily Neuhauser (Enrollment, Marketing and Communication)
  • Emily Prucien (Admin and Finance)
  • Angela Rone (President's Office)
  • Shawn Snapp (Office of Senior VP)
  • Elaine Surdyke (Student Affairs)
  • Kayla Williams (Enrollment, Marketing and Communication)
  • Lee Willingham (Office of Senior VP)