Alumni Mentor Program (AMP)

About the Alumni Mentor Program

Bellarmine University offers students the opportunity to have an alumni mentor in their chosen area of study. For instance, if a student wants to be a lawyer, they are matched with a successful alumni mentor who is a lawyer; if she or he wants to go into marketing, a match is made with an alumni mentor in marketing; and so on.

The Alumni-Student Mentoring Program began four years ago as a pilot program in the School of Business and there were twenty-five student participants that first year. Now, the program has expanded and during the Spring 2016 semester, over 200 students were matched with alumni mentors for career advice and counseling.

We hope this joint program between the Bellarmine Alumni Association and the Career Development Center will continue to expand in future years. The program is mostly geared for juniors and seniors, but we encourage any student to apply. Student applications are taken every fall semester, and the students and alumni participate in three events in the spring semester.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Peter Kremer
Executive Director – Bellarmine University Alumni Association (Class of 2002)
502.272.8334 or

Lilly Massa-McKinley
Director – Bellarmine University Career Development Center
502.272.8154 or