Resume Preparation Assistance

For additional help in preparing and improving your resume, please schedule an appointment with a Career Development staff member.  Go to the Events page for upcoming Career Fairs and Workshops.

What to Bring For Your Appointment

Whether you are creating your first resume or you need help revising an existing one, it is helpful to email a Microsoft Word version to your career advisor (Dr. Lilly Massa-McKinley, Matt Real, or Franeisha Jones) before your appointment. In addition, please bring a printed copy with you.

If this is your first resume or you are starting over, use the following resume samples and other resources to create your first draft. Remember that a winning resume is based on your general career interests or a specific job or internship opportunity. For most college students and recent graduates, one page is usually sufficient to highlight your objective, education, work experience, internships, accomplishments and activities. If you are not sure what information to collect, you may find these Resume Worksheets to be helpful.

Resume Samples in Microsoft Word

To help you get started quickly, here are a variety of resume samples created using Microsoft Word. Although they are presented in different categories, most of these sample formats are acceptable for many types of careers. With any of these documents, just make the necessary changes and save it on your own computer.

  • General Resumes: These resume templates are appropriate for most job, internship and volunteer opportunities for college students and recent graduates. To include two addresses (e.g., school and home, or current and permanent), use the Two Address Sample. Otherwise, choose the One Address Sample.
  • Accounting Resumes: These documents can be used by undergraduate accounting majors and students enrolled in the post-baccalaureate accounting certificate program, as well as recent graduates: Accounting Internship or Entry-Level Accounting. Here's another that might be used by students with a double major: Accounting and Criminal Justice Studies.
  • Nursing Resumes: These sample resumes are appropriate for entry-level and experienced BSN students: Traditional Nursing Sample and the Accelerated Nursing Sample.
  • Science Resumes: Here is a sample for students in biology, chemistry, physics or other scientific majors: Science Resume.

Additional Resources