Active Citizenship and Service

Employee Community Engagement Paid Leave Time

(Effective 6.1.2021)

In keeping with the University’s strategic plan and the Merton spirit, this policy is implemented to advance and encourage community engagement by University employees. This policy encompasses two types of paid employee Community Engagement: Local Leave and Trip Leave.

  • Local Leave: All regular full-time and regular part-time employees (non-exempt and exempt) will be permitted to volunteer up to three days (24 hours for full-time employees; prorated hours for part-time employees) per fiscal year at an approved local non-profit organization during regularly scheduled workdays. Those hours should be submitted on the employee’s timecard as Community Engagement Local Leave. A list of approved community partners can be found here. The employee’s supervisor has ultimate discretion as to when the employee may volunteer, taking into consideration business needs and departmental priorities.
  • Trip Leave: With written approval from the employee’s supervisor and area Vice President, an employee may participate in a Bellarmine sponsored service trip (i.e., Alternative Spring Break or Guatemala Service Trip) during which time the employee will be granted up to five days (40 hours for full-time employees; prorated hours for part-time employees) of paid Community Engagement Trip Leave. Approved documentation must be forwarded to Human Resources in advance of the trip for the Leave bank to be created and the hours to be available to the employee via the timekeeping system.

Benefit Details

  • The utilized community engagement leave time will count toward the employee’s (non-exempt and exempt) workday. Employees will record these paid leave hours in the Additional Time section of their time card.
    • Local Leave - Employees will be granted a bank of Local hours at the start of each fiscal year.
    • Trip Leave - Approved employees will be granted a Trip Leave bank populated with the number of hours as identified in the trip leave documentation, limited to 5 days (limited to 40 hours).
  • Unused Community Engagement Leave will not be paid out to an employee. Community Engagement Leave hours expire at the end of each fiscal year, and may not be carried over into a new fiscal year.
  • All areas will be encouraged to support employees in utilizing the full allotment of available Community Engagement Local Leave during the fiscal year.
  • As with other leave times, pre-approval must be granted by the supervisor, and coverage is the responsibility of the individual volunteering to ensure the university is operating optimally.
  • Employees must log community engagement hours through the MobileServe tracking application to provide verification of their volunteer hours and ensure their community engagement was provided to an approved organization. MobileServe can be accessed through One.Bellarmine by clicking the Community Engagement tab.
  • University employees are responsible for abiding by all Bellarmine University policies when logging Community Engagement Leave Time.
  • Employees are personally responsible for covering any program fees including but not limited to: travel, transportation and parking associated with the community engagement experience.
  • A list of approved community partners is maintained by the university to ensure the organization’s mission aligns with Bellarmine’s values of Academic Excellence, Intrinsic Dignity, Social Responsibility, Integrity, Hospitality, and Stewardship. If an employee would like to propose a new organization be added to the list, the employee can submit the Community Partner Proposal Form.

Community Engagement outside of the CCE

Community engagement has been around at Bellarmine long before the Center for Community Engagement was established, as Bellarmine is committed to our Catholic social teaching and mission-central focus on service to improve the human condition. This commitment is realized by offices, academic programs, and members of the Bellarmine community, along with the CCE. We are thankful for the work of our campus partners who support community engagement throughout the university, as you can see in the examples listed on this page.

Community Engagement Roundtable

The Community Engagement Roundtable convenes a body of staff members from the Division of Student Affairs and the Student Success Center to centralize support for the many service and civic engagement initiatives these offices facilitate—including days of service, donation drives, the Alternative Spring Break program, voter registration, and student-led service organizations. The following programs and initiatives are facilitated by Bellarmine offices outside in collaboration with the Center for Community Engagement.

Civic Engagement & Voter Registration

Bellarmine is proud to be recognized as a NASPA Voter Friendly Campus. Learn more about how we support voter education and registration at This academic year, Bellarmine will host a Civic Engagement week at the end of September that includes a panel on voter suppression and a day of community engagement.

Alternative Spring Breaks

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a week-long immersion program designed for students to learn about communities here in the United States and abroad which are challenged by specific social issues. Each trip is designed to encourage deeper understanding of those specific social issues and one's personal responsibility to affect change within communities. Learn more about ASB.

Days of Service

  • Knights in Action: Co-hosted by the Office of Orientation, New Student, Family Programming, and the Center for Community Engagement, this program allows incoming first-year students to explore community engagement opportunities outside of Bellarmine and engage with neighborhoods and nonprofits in the greater Louisville community before even starting classes. As the largest annual service project at Bellarmine, it introduces students to our tradition of community engagement, creating connections between their Bellarmine community and the Louisville community. View pictures from our latest Knights in Action event.
  • MLK Week of Service: Co-hosted by the Office of Identity and Inclusion and the Center for Community Engagement, MLK Day of Service has looked different each year, but this year is being expanded into a week that involves students volunteering for at least two hours and often participating in educational, interactive programming honoring the legacy of civil rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The Big Event: Hosted by the Student Activities Center, the inaugural Big Event at Bellarmine University will take place in 2022. Bellarmine students, faculty, and staff will come together to say “thank you” to our neighbors in the surrounding community. Knights will extend the long-standing tradition of hospitality by completing service projects such as yard work, window washing, and painting for residents of the community.
  • Community Connections: Hosted by the Student Government Association, Community Connections are twice-monthly opportunities for small groups of students to visit local nonprofits and volunteer for two hours on a Saturday morning.
  • Family Weekend Service Projects: Hosted by the Office of Orientation, New Student, and Family Programming, Family Weekend service projects provide an opportunity for Bellarmine students’ family members to get acquainted with the Louisville community and spend time with their student through service projects with local nonprofits.

Collections and Drives

Looking to source donated goods or host a collection/drive on campus? The Office of Campus Ministry is now coordinating all drives for collected goods and the Student Activities Center coordinates all campus blood drives. Please be aware that any collection receptacle placed on campus without permission may be removed without notice.

Registered Student Service Organizations

Bellarmine boasts a number of student-led organizations whose missions center around volunteerism and community engagement. Check out to explore all Registered Student Organizations.


What is MobileServe?

MobileServe is the community engagement tracking platform for Bellarmine University. It makes tracking and verifying community engagement hours easy. The platform allows volunteers and organizations to share stories, connect people with organizations, and inspire a culture of doing good.

How do I sign up?

Go to and click on Community Engagement to go straight to the MobileServe platform. Download the MobileServe app for easy access.

  1. When logging into the app for the first time, tap on the Microsoft logo to log in with your Bellarmine credentials.
  2. Accept the permissions (to sign-in).
  3. Upload a profile photo or skip (and add photo later).
  4. Click Start Serving to log hours or click Opportunities to discover new organizations and volunteer needs.
  5. Verify your community engagement by allowing the app to verify your location, post a picture, OR send a verification email to the organization you worked with.

How do I log hours for a class or Registered Student Organization?

  1. Click the Settings icon next to your name in left-hand column of MobileServe.
  2. Select organizations.
  3. Click Join Organization and enter your special code.
  4. See the list of all organization/class codes here.
  5. When you log hours you’ll be able to designate a specific subgroup.
  6. Your faculty member or student organization leader will be able to see your verified service experience.

For more information on how to use MobileServe, email Dr. Liz Todd Byron (