Faculty FAQ: Online Accommodations

Do I still have to provide accommodations for online classes?
Yes, accommodations must be provided for all learning platforms. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, along with its 2008 amendments establish a firm legal basis for the requirement that IT procured, developed and used by postsecondary institutions be accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Faculty can log onto Accommodate and view current student accommodations for each course under the ‘Enrolled Students’ tab.

How will I know if students are requesting to use their testing accommodations since student will not sign up through the Testing Center?
We are recommending faculty communicate via email directly to students. Please send out a statement to your class when giving exam instructions:

Example statement: “Students who wish to use their approved testing accommodations must email me three days in advance of each exam.”

Can testing time be extended if I have a timed, online test?
Yes, if your exams are timed, students with approved accommodations must continue to have access to their approved amount of extended time. Please contact the Faculty Development Center for assistance in changing allotted testing time for approved students.

Can students use the Testing Center during the time period that face-to-face classes are cancelled?
No. The Testing Center will be closed while students are off campus. Do not approve any testing requests through Accommodate until we resume on-campus classes.

What should I do if a student says they cannot participate in an online class because they must limit their screen time?
There are certain health related issues that can be exacerbated by increased screen time. Disability Services will need to reevaluate accommodation options for some students. We will evaluate need on a case-by case basis. Please contact our office if you have a student with concerns about learning on-line.

Additional resources for faculty: