Student FAQs

I am an incoming first year student; what do I need to know?

First year students will want to browse the website for complete information.

Some important information:

  • If you will be living in the residence halls, you must submit proof of having had the immunizations we require before moving in (Immunization Form). The ONLY exception is a recent TB test. Incoming first year students may move in without the TB test if they are able to make it to our scheduled TB test blitz, or schedule an appointment with Nurse Alice. Please call the clinic for dates and times.

If you are not yet 18, you cannot be seen in our clinic unless your parents or legal guardian have signed a consent form (Parental Consent Form).

  • For your privacy and in keeping with FERPA guidelines, your parents cannot call to make your appointment for you, and we cannot give them any of your health information without your consent; Medical Release form. Please follow this link for more information about FERPA.

What are the hours and location of the clinic?

The clinic is conveniently located in Newman Hall, room 121. For commuters, there are parking spots available that are designated for patients only.

The clinic is generally open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the academic year. During the summer, the clinic is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to noon Fridays. Nurse Practitioners are not available during the summer.

Clinic hours vary during the academic year due to Nurse Practitioner availability. We try our best to offer some evening and weekend hours. Please visit our Patient Portal or call the clinic at 502.272.8313 for current hours.

Do I need to have health insurance? Does Bellarmine offer health insurance?

We strongly recommend that all students have health insurance coverage, but BU does not require it. BU does not offer health insurance plans and refers students to this link for options:

If I am a graduate or part-time student, can I use the clinic?

Yes, our clinic is open to all students, regardless of status.

If I see the Nurse Practitioner, is the visit free?

Yes, this is a FREE service offered by the University.

The Health Services Clinic visit is free. Much of the testing such as Strep, Mono, UTI, pregnancy, and blood sugar are FREE, and any over-the-counter medication or supplies (such as bandages and suture removal supplies) provided to you are also FREE. Any lab work that is sent out will be charged to you or your insurance. We will collect your information at the time the labs are sent and the bill will be mailed to you by the lab. Please see below services that we charge for.

What services will I have to pay for in the clinic?

Bellarmine strives to keep costs as low as possible for the convenience of students that need these services for their program requirements and for their healthcare. Charges are designed to cover only the cost of the service, not for profit. Payment is required for the following at the time of service:

  • Allergy shot administration
  • Vaccines
  • TB screening
  • CPR courses and replacement cards
  • Hard copies of medical records
Often we will also provide the estimated costs of these services at other locations in an effort to help you find the best price. We accept most payment types. Please call the clinic for current prices. We cannot charge your insurance or put the cost for any services on your BU account!

Will the Clinic release a copy of my medical records to a third party, such as my parents or primary care provider?

Yes. Students who wish to have a copy of their medical records released must complete a Medical Release Form. Please read the document closely. The Student Health Center adheres to all HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA regulations. The following link has more information about HIPAA and FERPA.

Can I see the Nurse Practitioner today?

For your convenience, our staff NPs see students by appointment during the fall and spring semesters. The NPs are not available during summer and winter breaks. You may schedule an appointment through our Patient Portal. Hours vary each semester, so please check current semester NP hours. If there are openings, you may schedule for the current day, and if it is an urgent situation, we strongly encourage you to walk into our office and speak to our staff. 

Students can get immediate assistance from a Nurse Practitioner from their home or residence hall through FREE eCare visits provided by Norton Healthcare. For detailed instructions follow this link: Norton eCare Visits.

Can I have my prescription filled at the Health Services Clinic?  

The Health Services Clinic does not have an outpatient pharmacy, but we do offer a variety of common over-the-counter medications for your symptoms FREE of charge. For your convenience, nearby pharmacy information may be found on our Nearby Medical Facilities page. The cost of medications prescribed by our NPs is the responsibility of the patient.

Does the Clinic provide the flu vaccine?  

Yes. Every fall flu injections are given out of our office and at various locations around campus. Please call for prices and locations.

What tests can be performed at the clinic?  

A number of tests can be performed at the clinic FREE of charge including:

  • Urinalysis
  • Strep test
  • Mono test
  • Flu test
  • Pregnancy test
  • Blood sugar

Any special tests, such as cultures or blood work ordered by a Primary Care Provider, can be obtained at the clinic and sent to Quest Laboratories. You will receive a bill directly from Quest Laboratories for these services.

I’m a parent. How do I get information about my sick child?

In an emergency, parents of a student will be called immediately by the emergency room physician or university officials. Otherwise, the student needs to have signed a Medical Release of Information form for the staff to release information about them to anyone, including parents. Please visit our Parent FAQ page for more information about our services relevant to parents.

Can I receive my allergy injections at the Health Services Clinic?

We offer allergy injections for a charge of $20 per semester to cover supplies with an order from your allergist. Students can contact Nurse Alice at for details and to make an appointment.

What do I do after hours and on weekends if I am sick?

There are several options for your healthcare needs after hours. Through a generous donation from Norton Healthcare, students with some minor, acute non-urgent illnesses have access to Norton eCare video visits 24/7 at no charge. This service allows students to receive quick, non-urgent care free from their home or residence hall. A few examples of conditions seen in video visits include allergies, cold, flu, fever, insect bite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, red eye, skin rash, sore throat and urinary tract infection. Visit our Norton eCare page for instructions. If you need advanced care, see the our Nearby Medical Facilities for a list that includes clinics and hospitals.

Do my parents need to know that I have used the services of the Health Services Clinic?

We respect your confidentiality and will not share your information, or even that you have been to the clinic with anyone. Kentucky law states that individuals aged 18 and older are legal adults. Therefore, if you want to share information about your medical or mental health services, you need to sign a Medical Release of Information form

How do I know if the clinic has received my immunization record and that it is complete?

Please allow a five working day turnaround time for your records to be processed. If your records are incomplete, you will receive an email stating what you are missing and further instructions as to how to ensure your compliance.

What services are offered during the summer?

The NPs are not available during the summer. The RN is available limited hours for allergy shots, suture removal, over-the-counter medications, minor injuries and immunizations. Please contact the clinic to ensure the RN is available before coming in. There are CPR courses offered throughout the summer.

Can I get a physical in the clinic?

Physicals are FREE with an NP appointment and require an hour to complete. Physicals cannot be scheduled through the Patient Portal. You must call the clinic for an appointment. Because physicals must be performed by an NP or MD, they are not scheduled during the summer. If labs are required for your physical, they will be sent to Quest labs. Quest will take your insurance information and you will be responsible for any charges your insurance does not cover. If you schedule a physical, please bring the following:

  • The form provided by the agency requiring the physical
  • Insurance card
  • Immunization record

How will I know when my lab results are in?

You will receive a call from clinic staff when your results are in. Our NPs are here part time, so please allow sufficient time for them to contact you.

I am from out of state. How can I get my monthly medication prescription filled?

Speak to your primary care provider and pharmacist about how to fill prescriptions away from home. In some instances our NPs may be able to help; contact our office for assistance.

Where can I go to get my prescription filled?

Visit our Nearby Medical Facilities page for pharmacy information.

If I don’t have a car, and need health care off campus, can someone take me to see a doctor?

Usually students are able to get a ride from a friend or roommate. If this is not possible, our office will provide cab vouchers to students for medical care or procuring medication only. Careful records are kept by the cab company. Anyone found to be using the voucher for anything besides healthcare will be responsible for the charges.

What items are available for check-out?

We have crutches available for check-out, and on a case by case basis allow students to check out a blood sugar meter. We have slings, ankle and wrist braces, disposable thermometers, ice and heat packs, small sharps boxes, and ace bandages free of charge. Used sharps boxes should be returned to the Health Services Clinic for proper disposal. 

Can I get a referral for a specialist, dental or vision care, or other healthcare provider off campus? 

You may call Norton Physician Referral at 502.629.1234 for help connecting to a physician of any kind in our community. They will help to match neighborhood, type of doctor and any other requests you may have. Please see our Nearby Medical Facilities and Referral page for dental, emergency dental, and vision.

I have had an injury or surgery that will temporarily impair my mobility. Can you help?

To obtain a temporary handicapped parking pass please contact the Office of Public Safety. If you have other concerns regarding mobility issues please contact Disability Services.

Will the clinic give me a note to excuse me from class?

The Health Services Clinic does not routinely give excuses for class. Please refer to our Student Illness Documentation Policy or in the Student Handbook.

How do I make an appointment for an allergy shot or immunization such as TB, tetanus, or a flu shot?

Nurse Alice makes all of her own appointments. Please contact via email

How do I register for CPR classes?

For options and registration information for our American Heart Association CPR courses, please visit our CPR page.

I have questions about reproductive health.

Please visit our Reproductive Health page for our statement regarding reproductive health and information about the services we provide.