Meet the Bellarmine Activities Council

  • President: Mariah Creason
  • Vice President: Amelia Ernstberger
  • Director of Finance: Ryan Stevens
  • Director of Public Affairs: Jacob Brown
  • Director of Event Promotion: Logan Viens
  • Amusement Committee Co-Chairs: Kristen Heuing & Bethany Padgett
  • Dances and Special Events Co-Chairs: Shelby Durbin and Annie Williams
  • Spirit & Traditions Co-Chairs: Margaret Raabe and Erin Renfroe
  • Concerts Co-Chairs: Colleen Spanyer & Jessica Tellez
  • Program Coordinators: Michael Hardy and Mikayla Smith


Staff Advisor: Bryan Hamann
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Phone: 502.272.7114
Office: Student Activities Center (SAC)