The Leadership Center

At Bellarmine you get to choose leadership your way.  We strive to provide opportunities for all students to explore, gain skills, and have opportunities to cultivate their unique leadership styles.  Our goal is to graduate students who have the skills and confidence to be leaders in their communities.  Here are some of the ways we seek to accomplish this:

Bellarmine Leadership Institute

The Bellarmine Leadership Institute is a four year certificate model for students who are interested in creating an intentional four year experience exploring and developing their leadership skills and confidence.  Students are required to apply to be a part of BLI. 

BLI consists of multiple tracks for students who would like to explore leadership broadly, or for those who have a specific area of interest within the field of leadership.  Tracks are being developed each year depending upon student interest:

  • General Leadership Studies
  • Social Justice & Action
  • Women in Leadership

Students who participate in BLI will participate in leadership workshops, retreats, conferences, and be encouraged to pursue leadership opportunities both at Bellarmine and in the community. 

For more information regarding this unique certificate program, please contact Natasha Begin, Director of Service and Leadership at  

Leadership Retreats and Conferences

Throughout the academic year, the Office of Service and Leadership offers multiple retreats and conferences catered towards the different needs of the student leader.

Leadership conferences and programs offered out of the Student Activities Center include:

  • Executive Leadership Summit: Student leaders of various organizations gather over the summer to participate in team building, leadership development, and collaboration initiatives.
  • Ignite: First Year Leadership Retreat: All first year students are invited to join upper division student leaders for this one day off campus retreat focused on connecting with peers, exploring leadership styles, and learning about the many pathways of leadership during their four years at BU.
  • Bellarmine Women in Leadership Retreat: All students are invited to attend this unique off campus Fall retreat that is planned by upper division student leaders to explore the unique challenges women face in exploring, developing, and obtaining leadership opportunities.  The retreat is centered around a core theme each year and participants are then invited to continue their cohort experience through monthly gatherings with young alumni and prominent leaders in the Louisville community.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact Natasha Begin, Director of Service and Leadership at

Brown Scholars Learning Community

The Brown Leadership Community (BLC) is a two-year program for first and second year students (residential and commuter) that develops and integrates leadership, civic engagement, and critical thinking skills of young men and women by addressing the benefits, responsibilities, and opportunities for leadership and service.  Social justice is the bedrock upon which the Brown Leadership Community is grounded as exemplified by Bellarmine University’s mission to “develop the intellectual, moral, ethical, and professional competencies for successful living, work, leadership, and service to others.”    

As community members progress through the classes and co-curricular activities, they develop an understanding of these challenges and opportunities, first at the Bellarmine community level, then within the Louisville community, and on to the world community.  

Named in honor of the late James Graham Brown whose foundation funded the original Brown Scholars program on which the current program is based, the Brown Leadership Community embraces Mr. Brown’s vision to prepare and educate citizens for the future of the city of Louisville, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the surrounding region.

For more information, click here.

Academic Peer Advisors & Resident Assistants

Academic Peer Advocates (APA) and Resident Assistants (RA) are sophomore, junior or senior status students. The role of the APA and RA is very complex. Duties focus around being a student, role model, counselor, teacher and administrator. APAs and RAs work with the Hall Director and Assistant Director to plan programs for the building and their individual areas.They also enforce policy and communicate important information to residents. APAs and RAs are a vital part of our residence halls.

For more information about how to become a Resident Assistant, contact Hannah Piechowski, Assistant Director of Residence Life at

Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are university recognized groups that promote a variety of interests, leadership roles, and identities. You can exhibit leadership as a general member, officer, or president of an organization that fits with your interests and/or area of study. Time commitment and roles within the organization will vary depending on the organization you join, but getting started is easy! Visit Engage and log in with your Bellarmine ID and password to browse our 80 current organizations. You can also see their leadership, meeting times, and advisor. Contact some RSOs you are interested in joining today. Or, wait for our Fall or Spring involvement fairs to browse them all, meet some great student leaders, and join a team that will surely provide you with some great experience and leadership development. For more information about RSOs, their leadership, and our Spring and Fall involvement fairs, log onto U Knight ( or contact