Why You Should Join

There are many benefits to joining a learning community (the research even says so!).

  • Improve your academic success. Students in the Learning Communities have greater access to peers who are engaging with similar course content. Because of this overlap in material, it is easier for students to create study groups and ask their peers questions. Our Learning Communities are designed to deepen student learning, which can ultimately lead to a better understanding of course material and enhanced student success.
  • Meet people. Learning Communities focus on developing a supportive, inclusive network so it is easier to meet people and make connections. Learning Communities strive to create an environment where students are able to establish meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, mentors, and peers that last well beyond the first year.
  • Develop a relationship with faculty. The faculty in the Learning Communities teach multiple courses throughout the programs and design co-curricular activities for students. This allows students to develop a rapport with faculty and opens the lines of communication. Some of the faculty even have their offices in our Learning Community residence halls!
  • Peer Mentoring. Learning Community Chairs and Mentors are Bellarmine students who have already participated in the Learning Community experience. Who could better empathize and relate to the challenges of being a student at Bellarmine? These students have taken the courses current Learning Community students are enrolled in, are able to identify the resources available at Bellarmine, and know all about the student life outside of classes.
  • Co-curricular Activities. The co-curricular activities are designed to help connect the concepts covered in the classroom to “real-world” examples outside the classroom. These activities could include a trip to the Muhammad Ali Center, hosting a community leader on campus, taking a trip to the farmer’s market, touring a medical facility, and more!