Student Expectations

The Learning Communities at Bellarmine University are optional experiences, however students participating in the communities are expected to be a partner in their education. The benefits from a Learning Community experience don’t automatically occur. In order for students to achieve the benefits, they will need to engage in the opportunities provided. The expectations of students includes:

  • Being an active and respectful member of the community
  • Attend the Learning Community Orientation in August
  • Attend community development and service activities (2 events each semester)
  • Attend faculty led co-curricular activities (3 events each semester)
  • Meet with your mentor twice each semester
  • Enroll in designated Learning Community sections of courses

Upon admission to a Learning Community, students will complete the LC Participant and Commitment Agreement, which reviews the expectations of students in more detail. Students should reference this agreement along with the LC syllabi and specific LC course syllabi for specific expectations.