Elizabeth M. Cassady

Assistant Dean of Student Success
Senior Director of Academic Services

LIBR B04A • 502.272.8097 • ecassady@bellarmine.edu

Elizabeth M. CassadyElizabeth is a boomerang Louisville native and has enjoyed eight years at Bellarmine. After moving away from Louisville to pursue a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Indiana University Bloomington, Elizabeth moved to Auburn, Alabama to teach middle school history. After a few years of teaching, Elizabeth missed the dynamic energy of the academic setting in higher education. Elizabeth pursued her master’s degree in college student personnel at the University of Louisville from 2008 to 2010. Elizabeth was delighted to be hired at Bellarmine University in 2010 as the Director of Student Activities in Student Affairs. Elizabeth has been fortunate to also serve in the role of Assistant Dean of Students at Bellarmine, which ultimately led her to her current role in the Student Success Center after working on a number of student support initiatives.

Elizabeth is also working on her dissertation as a student in Bellarmine’s Ph.D. in Education and Social Change program. She is thrilled to have her scholarly interests of student persistence, access, readiness and academic recovery align with her new role in the Student Success Center.

Elizabeth loves to enjoy her hometown through walks in the beautiful park system, attending festivals and trying out all the glorious dining options in Louisville with family and friends.