Mentor Testimonials

"I'm thankful for the Pioneer Scholars Program and the opportunities it provided me at Bellarmine University. As I embark on my teaching and coaching careers, I will be applying the leadership skills I developed here as a mentor and lead mentor to impact communities. The hands-on experience of critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills has prepared me for what's next." — Joe Patzelt (2013-2016)

"My time as a mentor really helped grow my leadership skills. I became more confident with directing and guiding others. Ultimately, my time as a mentor gave me vision; I was able to strategically plan ahead and to carry out those commitments." — Matthew Kirk (2013-2016)

"As an incoming freshman I was nervous about finding my place at a new school with new people. I was signed up for the Pioneer Scholars Program and didn’t know a lot about it but decided to go anyways, and thought it would be another one of those programs where I sat in the back and counted the minutes to get through it. What I didn’t realize was how much it would contribute to my growth as a student, a leader and an individual. Pioneer Scholars helped me find my voice and contribute to a group. I gained leadership opportunities within the program which gave me the confidence to pursue other leadership opportunities on campus. I had other students within the program who I could seek advice from for a class, or I could study with. Pioneer Scholars definitely contributed to my success as a first generation student." — Katie Winchester (2013-2016)