Policies and Procedures for Students

The Testing Center uses the scheduling system Accommodate for student testing requests. Information on reviewing, approving, and submitting materials for students’ test requests can be found below.

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Who can use the Testing Center?

We offer exam proctoring services in the Student Success Center (SSC) Testing Center for any student who meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • A student with documented testing accommodations from the Accessibility Resource Center Office.
  • A student who misses a test due to participation in a university-sponsored event. University- sponsored events include, but are not limited to, athletic or academic events and/or conferences.
  • Students serving as active military or reserve military personnel who miss a test due to being activated for duty.
  • Activated military personnel spouses caring for minor dependents who miss a test due to an increase in family-related responsibilities in their spouse’s absence.

Who is not allowed to use the Testing Center?

A student who misses a test but does not meet one of the criteria above (e.g., for illness*, family event, personal travel) should make arrangements with the faculty to take the test outside of class.

*If a student misses a test because they are ill with COVID-19 or quarantining due to COVID-19, they may be allowed to use the Testing Center.

Testing Center Policies and Procedures

General Rules for Testing

  • When you first arrive to the Testing Center, a proctor will ask for your student ID and verify that it matches the name on the testing materials. If you have not previously signed a Testing Center Policies Agreement, there will be one provided for you to sign.
    • If an impersonation violation is confirmed, an incident report will be filed, the student will not be permitted to take the exam, and the instructor will be contacted.
  • You will place all of your belongings (cell phone, backpack, purse, hat, etc.) into a locker outside the Testing Center door.
  • Any allowed aids (calculator, scrap paper, etc.) or specific accommodations (restroom breaks, etc.) will be provided. The following items are restricted/prohibited:
    • You may bring water into the testing area with the understanding that bathroom breaks are not allowed unless permitted by your accommodations.
    • You may not bring food in unless it is permitted by your accommodations.
    • You may not bring in a smartwatch unless it is permitted by your accommodations.
  • Once you have entered the Testing Center space, sit with one space between yourself and any other students (if possible). You will not be allowed to leave to use the restroom during testing (unless noted in accommodations or in case of an emergency).
  • Tests are collected when the allotted testing time has ended. You are only permitted to use the allotted time by your instructor and/or accommodations.
  • You must turn in all testing materials, including scratch paper, to the proctor before leaving the Testing Center.

Tester Prohibited Behavior

Testers may not:

  • Give or receive unauthorized assistance of any kind.
  • Use any aids (including books, notes, calculators, computers and websites) that are not authorized in writing by the instructor or in their accommodations.
  • Attempt to take an examination for someone else.
  • Remove questions, responses, notes or scratch paper from the Testing Center.
  • Share notes or calculators with other testers.
  • Talk to other testers while in the testing area.

The Testing Center is a distraction-reduced space, dedicated to providing equal access and a positive testing environment for all testers. Therefore, behavior that is distracting to other test takers is not permitted in the testing area. Any incident of disruption will be assessed by the Assistant Director of Academic Services, who may, in the best interest of the student and other testers, take any of the following actions: 

  • Remove the student from the testing center.
  • Contact Accessibility Resource Center. Students with accommodations may be redirected back to Accessibility Resource Center to discuss alternate testing arrangements, such as an isolated testing environment.
  • Contact faculty to determine academic repercussions, such as a failing grade on the exam. Students may face a failing grade on the exam and further disciplinary action, such as suspension of Testing Center privileges.
  • An incident report may be filed with the Dean of Student Success.
  • In the interest of student and staff safety, Public Safety may be contacted as needed.
  • Repeated disrupted behavior may lead to further disciplinary action.

Permitted Aids

Outside materials and personal belongings are not allowed in the testing room, including hats, sunglasses, purses, backpacks, books, papers, cell phones, smart watch, food, etc. Exceptions to these items must be noted in the test directions or in the student’s accommodations.

Students may not use books, notes, calculators, or other aids when taking tests unless the faculty member has given permission to the Testing Center staff that such items are allowed. Faculty members must provide permission prior to the test when uploading the test.

Computers are allowed only when stated in the accommodations, required for an online test, or with the permission of the faculty member. Internet-disabled laptops are available for checkout at the library’s main circulation desk.

Academic Dishonesty

All students are monitored by a proctor and video/audio surveillance. The proctor is responsible for monitoring activity within the Testing Center. Monitoring may include watching from a seated position in the room, walking through the room, and viewing live surveillance footage on Testing Center monitors.

Tests must be completed in one sitting, unless specified in the accommodations. The student may not leave the Testing Center once the test begins, including bathroom breaks, unless it is specified in the accommodations.

All students taking tests in the Testing Center must adhere to the Bellarmine University Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy as stated in the Course Catalog and the Code of Conduct as stated in the Student Handbook. If a student is suspected of cheating on a test, the proctor must report the incident to the Assistant Director of Academic Services for review. The Assistant Director of Academic Services will report the incident to the faculty member who determines actions in accordance with the Bellarmine University Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy published in the Course Catalog.

All students taking tests must sign a copy of the Testing Center Policies and Procedures Agreement. Students who disregard the Testing Center policies (i.e., General Rules for Testing, Tester Prohibited Behavior, Permitted Aids, and Academic Dishonesty) are subject to the University’s Academic Honesty and Integrity policy.

Late/Early Arrival Policy

If a student is late for a scheduled exam for any reason, the student forfeits the missed time; no additional time will be granted to make up for the student's late arrival. Students must finish by the time the Testing Center closes at 5 p.m. If a student arrives late for a test, they may be directed back to the instructor to reschedule the test if necessary.

Proctors will wait up to 20 minutes before determining that the student is a "no-show" and notifying the instructor. Aside from extenuating circumstances, end times for exams will not change if the student is tardy. If a student is habitually late for their exams, the student will be asked to meet with the Director of Accessibility Resource Center within a reasonable timeframe.

If a student arrives very early for an exam, the proctor may either ask the student to wait for scheduled test time or contact the faculty to confirm that they student can take their exam early. Proctors are not permitted to give an exam early without faculty consent.

No Show Policy

If a student misses the scheduled test time (i.e., they arrive 20+ minutes after their scheduled test time or do not arrive at all), proctors should notify Assistant Director of Academic Services so they may alert the instructor. New arrangements for the test will be made at the instructor’s discretion but are subject to available testing times in the Testing Center.

Test Security

The testing area is equipped with video surveillance and audio equipment. Testers will be monitored at all times while in the testing area to ensure academic integrity, appropriate behavior, and safety of testers. 

In Case of An Emergency

  • Following an evacuation, testing will resume if possible, and testers will not be penalized for time lost. Refer to Assistant Director of Academic Services for direction. Otherwise, exams will be rescheduled through Accommodate and course instructor.
  • If an evacuation of the testing room is required, leave test materials in the room. Follow all building emergency procedures (posted throughout the SSC and Testing Center).
  • If necessary, Bellarmine Office of Public Safety can be reached at 502.272.7777.