Scheduled Tutoring

Scheduling a Tutoring Appointment

  • Schedule a tutoring appointment here
  • Choose your course, preferred time and location (in-person or online).
  • Once the session is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email. If online, a Microsoft Teams meeting link will be included in the confirmation.    


  • Appointments cannot be made less than 24 hours in advance of the requested time. 
  • Both in-person and online appointments may have up to three students per session
  • If you miss two appointments or cancel less than 24 hours in advance of your appointment twice, you will be required to communicate with the Denise Hall,, before you will be able to schedule additional appointments.

Technology Requirements (if online)

  • Computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone device with working microphone and camera 
  • Internet access 

Request a Scheduled Tutoring Appointment

Contact the Tutoring Center at if you have any issues.

No-Show/Missed Appointment Policy

After any combination of two missed appointments or last-minute cancellations (defined as cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the appointment), students will be prohibited from scheduling additional appointments until they have discussed their missed appointments and the policy with the Assistant Director of Academic Services. 

Tutors are not expected to wait any longer than 15 minutes after the appointment start time for a student to show up. If you are later than 15 minutes, you will be marked as a no-show. If you know you will be late, contact your tutor directly to let them know.