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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Influence the future of nursing care with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Bellarmine University

Why earn your DNP online at Bellarmine?

The healthcare field is rapidly changing and healthcare needs leaders. The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is designed for nurses seeking a terminal degree in nursing practice who are interested in clinical leadership and nurse executive positions.  The DNP offers an alternative to research focused doctoral programs (i.e. Ph.D. programs). The Doctor of Nursing Practice at Bellarmine is available as a post-master’s program or as a BSN-DNP.

The curriculum includes courses in research and evidence-based practice, quality improvement and patient safety, clinical informatics, advanced statistics, health care economics and financing, and domestic and global health policy. In addition, all students complete a practice immersion and residency experience, which culminates with the DNP project.

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5 Exciting digital media jobs worth exploring

Mar 3, 2021, 14:38 PM by John Grevious

In the ever-changing world of “new media,” the opportunities for digital media jobs are vast. Whether you’re already working in content development, social media, marketing, or design, a digital media degree can help prepare you for success.  

Communications professionals play all kinds of roles in shaping culture and the way we view the world. Read along to learn more about how a degree in digital media can advance your career and explore some examples of exciting jobs in this field.  


What to expect from a digital media degree 

The interdisciplinary nature of the digital media field means programs can vary widely in their scope and focus. It’s important to do your research and find one that suits your interests and goals. If you’re a professional who plans to work while pursuing an advanced degree, look for programs that offer flexible options like online and evening classes. 

Generally speaking, a degree in digital media will introduce students to theory, tools, and technologies in the world of digital communication. Depending on the specific area of study, you will typically pursue a Master of Arts or Master of Science degree. You might have the option to select concentrations or elective courses in business, healthcare, and other industries that invest heavily in digital media.  

Hands-on learning opportunities and access to academic mentors are some of the most important components to look for in a comprehensive digital media program. 


Common courses you'll take in a digital media degree

To give you a taste of the curriculum associated with a digital media degree, here are some examples of courses from the program at Bellarmine University: 

  • Technical Communication for Digital Platforms 

  • Media Studies 

  • Multimedia Communication 

  • Ethical Issues in Communication 

  • Strategic Communication 

  • History of Digital Innovation and Breakthroughs 


Skills developed in a digital media program 

Because professionals in this field often work on creative, goal-oriented, high-performing teams, small group work is often a crucial component of the curriculum.  

Students enrolled in a postgraduate digital media degree can expect to gain the following: 

  • Practical experience from projects and work experience 

  • Involvement with multidisciplinary teams in a global and diverse workplace 

  • Understanding of the ethical and legal considerations of digital media tools  

  • Opportunities to evaluate digital marketing environments  


5 Exciting digital media careers for degree holders 

The digital media field combines content and technology to make engaging, informative, and entertaining products and experiences. The job opportunities in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors are myriad and span many industries.  

Some examples include: 

  • Games (mobile, online, console) 

  • Social media 

  • Virtual reality  

  • Smartphone apps 

  • Websites 

  • eCommerce 

  • Video 

We compiled a list of exciting jobs in the digital media space to help you gain a better understanding of your potential career paths.  

1. Web developer/digital designer 

The employment outlook for this field is stellar, with new jobs being created at a much faster rate than average. Web developers and designers are responsible for creating, maintaining, testing, and creating content for websites. They might work with coding languages like HTML or XML, in addition to graphics, audio, and video components. This job requires both technical and creative competency.  

2. Marketing manager 

Marketing managers plan and execute strategic plans to grow awareness and/or demand for a product or service. They are skilled in audience and market research, monitoring trends, and working closely with sales and communications teams. Marketing managers are also often adept at planning and integrating campaigns across many forms of media like radio, TV, digital, print, and out-of-home.  

3. Multimedia digital artist 

The digital art/animation world is a fascinating combination of technology and creativity. Multimedia digital artists work on cartoons, comics, 3D movies, computer games, smartphone apps, and much more. This field is projected to maintain a stable job growth rate but is also highly competitive as artists often develop special expertise in a certain style or medium. 

4. Videographer/video editor 

Making TV, movies, and documentaries requires talent on both ends of the camera. Videographers and camera operators capture the footage, and editors work with producers and directors to create the final product. Job opportunities for digital media professionals in this particular field are booming, in part due to the popularity of streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.  

5. Digital content strategist 

With most contemporary companies maintaining a multi-channel presence – website, YouTube, blog, social media, etc. – there is a high demand for strategic writers. Digital content strategists develop and execute initiatives that find ways to engage with target markets, build credibility, and strengthen brand loyalty. They write copy for a broad spectrum of digital mediums like social media, e-books, webinars, e-mail campaigns, and more. 


Find your place in the world of digital media  

Now that you’ve had a taste of the exciting digital media jobs out there, you may be picturing yourself working in one of these dynamic positions. The field is always growing and evolving, so there’s always a reason to keep learning. 

At Bellarmine University, we value real-world experience and applied problem-solving, which is why our Master of Science in Digital Media program was designed with ambitious working professionals like you in mind.  

If you’re interested in this program and how your experience stacks up, request a free transcript review

Blueblock - Alumni Story

Missi, Pam '16 Profile

“I am forever grateful to Bellarmine University for the doctoral education I experienced while obtaining a Doctorate in Nursing Executive Practice. From the moment I reached out for information on the DNP program, Bellarmine faculty and staff were extremely helpful and collaborative. The program is strategically structured and provides the doctoral student with the tool kit to be successful. Bellarmine truly sets the bar for academic excellence and achievement.”

Pamela Missi, DNP '16; Chief Nursing Officer

Tabs and Filters - DNP Projects

Dr. Marguerite Burch - Implementation of a Delirium Protocol in a Community Living Center
Dr. Julia Senn-Reeves - Early Identification of Frailty Predictors in a Vowed Religious Community of Catholic Men: A Strategy for Successful Aging in Place
Dr. Kim Anna - World Health Organization Decision Making Tool: Can we Increase IUD Use?
Dr. Trena Seago - Failure-to-Rescue Simulations as a Risk Management Strategy for Registered Nurses
Dr. Missy Stober - Advanced Disease Management in Home Health: Palliative Care Integration
Dr. Brittney Welch - Changing Healthcare Policy by Utilizing Kingdon’s Policy Stream
Dr. Mary Ellen Broaddus - Demonstration Project to Address Juvenile Drug Addiction
Dr. Ellee Humphrey - Implementing an Evidence-Based Education Program for Labor and Delivery Nurses in a community Hospital Setting
Dr. Holli Roberts - Developing a Nursing Peer Review Program for Nurse Leaders
Dr. Janel Willingham - Text Messaging Appointment Reminders to Increase Patient Appointment Adherence on a Mobile Unit Within a Prevention and Wellness Program
Dr. Kelly Johnson - Sentinel Event Management Model: A Performance Improvement Project
Dr. Gayle Mink - Reducing Benzodiazepine Use in the Treatment of Anxiety in a Community Mental Health Setting
Dr. Pam Missi - Enhancing Nurse-Physician Communication and Collaboration
Dr. Kathy Rose - Implementation and Evaluation of a Charge Nurse Development Project Bundle
Dr. Anna Laura Trimbur - Telephone Follow-up for Heart Failure Patients Discharged to Skilled Nursing Facilities
Dr. Teresa Vincent - Implementation of TeamSTEPPS in the Operating Room
Dr. Teena Darnell - Prevalence of School Nurses in Kentucky and Student Outcomes
Dr. Shirl Johnson - A Pilot Study of the Impact of a Pulmonary Clinical Decision Unit on Patient Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Dr. Colleen Knoop - Gap in Patient Expectations in Deep Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Dr. Carol Payton - Use of a Peanut Ball to Decrease Length of First & Second Stages of Labor
Dr. Lahoma Prather - A Post Discharge Support Program for Patients Experiencing Psychological Non-Epileptic Seizures: A Pilot Project
Dr. Sally Sturgeon - Strangulation Assessment, Evidence Collection, and Documentation Guidelines for Forensic Nurse Examiners: A Pilot Project

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