Instructions if Called Up

If you are called to active duty or receive a notice of transfer, contact the Bellarmine Military and Veterans’ Services Office immediately and we will discuss all the options available. In the normal course, if you are called up or transferred in the middle of a semester, it would be virtually impossible for you to continue your studies for that semester. There may be extenuating circumstances, so a review will be done on a case-by-case basis if requested. Follow the below step-by-step instructions to withdraw:

Step 1

Immediately notify your academic advisor, the Bellarmine Military and Veterans’ Services Office of your situation.

Step 2

Fill out the Bellarmine Course Withdrawal Form found on the Registrar’s page, and the Tuition Appeal Form, which you can request be sent to you by emailing the bursars office at

Step 3

Submit the Course Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office.

Step 4

Submit the Tuition Appeal Form, a copy of the Course Withdrawal Form, and a copy of your military orders to the Military and Veterans’ Services Office and the Bursar’s Office. Timely submission of the documents will allow the current tuition and fees to be reversed.