Can someone request to be made a viewer?

Students must initiate the process by adding viewers on their account. Potential viewers cannot request access and Bellarmine cannot initiate the process for a student.

Will a viewer always have access to their student’s information?

Students must re-select viewers each academic year. Students can also choose to change what a viewer has access to at any given time.

Can Bellarmine give me access to certain kinds of records?

No. Students must select which records they would like their viewer(s) to have access to.

What is the purpose of a separate viewer account?

Viewers need their own account in order to view their student’s. It is crucial for us to have contact information for viewers in cases of emergency or if our offices need to get in touch with parents/guardians/spouses, etc. Please help us by updating your contact information.

Can viewers pay bills?

Currently, bill-paying privileges are accessed through a separate process using a service called CASHNet. Please visit Parent/Authorized User Payment Instructions page for more information.

Can I view more than one student’s account?

Yes. If a student adds you as a viewer, you will be able to see their records, and you will be able to switch between accounts if multiple students have selected you as a viewer.

For more technical questions, please contact our Technology Support Center (TSC) at tsc@bellarmine.edu or 502.272.8301.