Mother Teresa and Bellarmine

Mother Teresa at Bellarmine University

On December 7, 1981, a small delegation from Bellarmine College traveled to India to present the Bellarmine Medal to Mother Teresa, who is now honored by the Catholic Church as St. Teresa of Calcutta.

During a trip to the United States the following year, Mother Teresa spent a full day at Bellarmine on June 22, 1982. She spoke to a crowd of more than 4,000 people in Knights Hall, prayed with students and staff in the chapel, and met with a group of students and faculty in the Fireplace Room, where a large plaque commemorates her visit.

Michael Nabicht ‘68 filmed the 1981 presentation of the Bellarmine Medal by then-President Eugene V. Petrik, along with Mother Teresa’s visit to Bellarmine. Nabicht also produced a documentary, Work of Love, about Mother Theresa’s work in India. The videos below are shared with his permission.

Mother Teresa receives the Bellarmine Medal in India (1981)

Mother Teresa visits Bellarmine (1982)

Mother Teresa’s press conference at Bellarmine (1982)

Work of Love, a documentary featuring Mother Teresa (1981)