CDEIO and Campus Committee Updates

January 20, 2022

Dear Colleagues, 

I am writing today to provide an update on our Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer interim roles and search process, announce the formation of a new sustainability committee at Bellarmine, and update you on the progress of our shared governance task force.

Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer Interim Roles

We were thrilled to have seven candidates put their names forward to be considered for the interim roles of the CDEIO position. It was wonderful to spend time with each candidate, learning about their personal and professional experiences with DEI work. After a interviewing with members of the Cabinet and faculty and staff from the Advisory Board on Equity and Inclusion, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Jakia Marie, assistant professor of sociology, and Dr. Leslie Maxie, dean of students, have been appointed to fulfill these roles. Their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Dr. Jakia Marie – DEI Faculty Fellows; DEI Endorsement; Liaison to Enrollment, Marketing and Communication, Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, Human Resources, AIKCU, IR&E, Academic Affairs/Deans, and Faculty Council; Website
  • Dr. Leslie Maxie – DEI Grant, DEI Guest Lecture Program, Liaison to Affinity Groups, Title IX, OII, Accessibility Resource Center, Student Affairs, Athletics, SGA and student organizations, Staff Council

Both Dr. Marie and Dr. Maxie with also fulfill leadership roles collaboratively within the President’s Advisory Board on Equity and Inclusion, implementation of Strategic Priority 4 and the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education.

Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer Search

Dr. Mike Marshall, Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and Communication, and Dr. Patrick Englert, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and co-chair of the President’s Advisory Board on Equity and Inclusion, have agreed to lead the search for a new Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, along with a Bellarmine trustee (to be confirmed). The first meeting will be this Friday and the goal is to complete the search and announce a new CDEIO by the end of April. Members of the search committee include:

  • Anne Bucalos, vice provost, Academic Affairs; President’s Advisory Board on Equity & Inclusion (possible co-chair)
  • Dominique Clayton, associate dean of Academic Services
  • Dave Clark, instructor, Music; President’s Advisory Board on Equity & Inclusion 
  • Patrick Englert, associate vice president, Student Affairs; President’s Advisory Board on Equity & Inclusion (possible co-chair)
  • Mary Huff, dean, Bellarmine College
  • Dana Hummel (ex-officio), interim chief human resources officer, Human Resources; President’s Advisory Board on Equity & Inclusion
  • Michael Marshall, vice president, Enrollment, Marketing and Communication (co-chair)
  • Mikayla Pitmon, undergraduate student; SGA
  • Angela Rone, chief of staff, Office of the President
  • Chris Smith, graduate student
  • Bellarmine Trustee (TBD)

Sustainability Committee

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Bellarmine Sustainability Committee, a team of students, staff, and faculty who are working toward greater sustainability on campus.  

The mission of the committee is to be a cross-functional team of people working in collaboration to create a campus-wide culture of sustainability at Bellarmine to reduce our ecological footprint, save resources, and support the greater community in which we live. Members include:

  • Brian Pfaadt, Facilities (co-chair)
  • Martha Carlson Mazur, UEA Representative (co-chair)
  • Rhianna Clemons, SGA Environmental Committee Chair
  • Kaylie Malloy, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Carolyn Waters, Graduate Student Representative
  • Open position, Purchasing (formerly held by Pat Coons)
  • Catherine Gonzalez Gomez, Center for Community Engagement
  • Father John Pozhathuparambil, Campus Ministry
  • Sarah Rohleder, Residence Life
  • Niki King, MarComm, OII, or Learning Communities
  • Megan Danzl, GEA Faculty Representative
  • Anna Christianson, Liberal Education Taskforce Representative

Recognizing that sustainability is a process, not an outcome, the committee hopes that you will join them in making Bellarmine more sustainable now and into the future. Over the spring semester, they will be identifying priorities and developing an action plan with input from the campus community. 

University Council Task Force

Dr. Paul Gore, Provost, has agreed to step in for Dr. DJ Mitchell as a co-chair of the University Council Task Force, along with Dr. Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, president of Faculty Council, and Ms. Emily Brock, president of Staff Council. As previously announced, this task force will explore university governance structures, researching similar university structures, conducting listening sessions and administering surveys to our Bellarmine community, and developing a recommendation to enhance our own university governance structures. Members of this committee include:

  • Dr. Paul Gore, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Provost 
  • Ms. Emily Brock, Staff Council President
  • Dr. Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, Faculty Council President 
  • Dr. Greg Hillis, Professor of Theology
  • Dr. Jessica Hume, Assistant Professor of Health Services, Aging Health Services Leadership
  • Dr. Nelson Lopez, Associate Professor of Global Languages
  • Dr. Elizabeth Cassady, Assistant Vice President for Career & Community Engagement
  • Ms. Tracey Cox, Director of Accounting for Business Affairs
  • Mr. Adam Elias, Director of Innovative Learning Systems
  • Ms. Angela Rone, Chief of Staff to the President
  • Dr. Emily Dixon, Interim Director of the Office of Identity & Inclusion
  • Dr. Leslie Maxie, Dean of Students and Interim Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer
  • Dr. Jakia Marie, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Interim Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer
  • Dr. Christy Kane, Dean of Nursing and Clinical Sciences
  • Student Representation (TBD)

This committee will begin meeting soon and aspires to have work completed by the end of the academic year. We want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, so I encourage each of you to participate in the process fully. 

I am very grateful to all that have volunteered their time and expertise to serve on these committees. The work of these groups will be valuable to upholding our mission and values and carrying out the work of our Strategic Plan. 

Susan M. Donovan, PhD