Dear Members of the Bellarmine Community,

I write to you today regarding the Title IX Sexual Harassment complaint that has been filed in federal court by one of our students against a faculty member who is no longer at Bellarmine University. As a community, based on our shared core values, we cannot tolerate any form of sexual harassment of any student, faculty member or staff member. We treasure an environment which lifts up human potential and compassion. We expect all members of our university to treat one another with respect and dignity. We have taken seriously our responsibilities and obligations under Title IX and we will continue to do so. We cannot comment on pending litigation, but I assure you that nothing is more important than the learning environment and safety of our students, faculty and community members. Please reach out to one another to ensure that we as a community demonstrate our core values in all of our interactions.

If you are a student and are in need of support after hours, please contact Public Safety at (502) 272-7777 to get in touch with a counselor, campus minister or student affairs administrator.

During normal business hours, if you have a concern or question about sexual harassment, you may file a sexual harassment complaint with the Title IX Coordinator, Lynn Bynum at (502) 272-8236, or Deputy Coordinators Elizabeth Cassady at (502) 272-7150 or Dr. Mark Wiegand at (502) 272-8368. If you have concerns or wish to file a sexual harassment complaint after hours, please contact Public Safety at (502) 272-7777.

We are stronger as a community when we work together to continue to improve the human condition. It is fundamental to our mission and it is what sustains us.

In Veritas Amore,
Susan M. Donovan, Ph.D