Faculty Achievements 2023

Dear Colleagues,
Please join us in congratulating our faculty colleagues on their tenure and promotion achievements and special honors this year. On behalf of the entire Bellarmine University community, congratulations and thanks to each colleague for their distinguished achievement in teaching, scholarship, and service to Bellarmine University.
Promotion to Full Professor
Dr. Kristin Cook, Education
Dr. Christy Wolfe, Psychology
Promotion to Associate Professor
Dr. Jessica Hume, Health Care Administration and Public Health
Tenure Awarded
Dr. Carla Childers, Marketing
Promotion to Associate Professor and Tenure Awarded
Dr. Caroline Doyle, Biology
Dr. Robert Kelley, Computer Science
Dr. Greg Kelsey, Mathematics
Dr. Amy Lein, Education
Dr. Jennifer Miller, Mathematics
Dr. Beth Quinn, Physical Therapy
Faculty Development Fellowships
Dr. Caroline Doyle, Biology
Dr. Jean Lamont, Psychology 
Dr. Kaitlyn Selman, Criminal Justice
International Travel Awards
Dr. Beth Quinn, Physical Therapy
Dr. Kristen Wallitsch, Honors Senior Seminar
Dr. LeAnn Kerr, Physical Therapy
Dr. Laura Hartford, Student Study Abroad Photography Exhibit (London)
David Domine & Dr. Jon Blandford, Honors Program
Dr. Tim Glasscock, Music
Dr. Frank Hutchins, Anthropology
Their hard work and dedication to our students and scholarship exemplifies the Bellarmine Difference and is recognized and appreciated.
Susan M. Donovan, Ph.D.
Dr. Paul Gore
VP for Academic Affairs & Provost