Faculty Achievements 2024

March 21, 2024

Dear colleagues, 
Please join us in congratulating our faculty colleagues on their tenure and promotion achievements and special honors this year. On behalf of the entire Bellarmine University community, congratulations and thanks to each colleague for their distinguished achievement in teaching, scholarship, and service to Bellarmine University.
Promotion to Full Professor
Dr. Megan Danzl, Physical Therapy
Dr. Martha Carlson Mazur, Environmental Studies
Dr. Justin Klassen, Theology & Religious Studies
Dr. Linda Mefford, Nursing
Dr. Grant Smith, Education
Promotion to Professor & Tenure
Dr. James Archibald, Education
Promotion to Associate Professor & Tenure
Dr. Anna Christianson, Chemistry
Dr. Laura Miller, Exercise Science
Tenure Granted
Dr. Savita Chaurasia, Chemistry
Faculty Development Fellowships
Dr. Jennifer Barker, English
Dr. Jung Colen, Education 
Dr. Laura Ping, History
Susan M. Donovan, PhD
Dr. Mark Wiegand