Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Bellarmine University. As the university’s fiduciary, the board is responsible for Bellarmine’s long-term health, overseeing and aligning its strategic direction, educational policies and programs, finances and operations with the mission of the university. The Board of Trustees is the ultimate institutional authority of the university, with responsibility for the general, academic and financial policy-making functions of the university. The Board is composed of voting members, two nonvoting faculty advisors, and one nonvoting student advisor.

You may contact the board at the following e-mail address:

Board Members

  • Mr. Donald J. Kelly —Chair
  • Mr. James R. Allen —Vice Chair & Treasurer
  • Ms. Sharon E. Des Jarlais ’72—Secretary

  • Mr. J. McCauley Brown
  • Mr. Kevin Brown '84
  • Ms. Kristen Byrd '06
  • Mr. Russell F. Cox '22 Hon.
  • President Susan M. Donovan, Ph.D.
  • Mr. Jesse Flynn '71
  • Mr. C. Edward Glasscock ’11 Hon.
  • Mr. Ja Hillebrand '91
  • Mr. Michael Hobbs ’71, ’83
  • Mr. Tim Hourigan '78
  • Mr. Toby King '92
  • Dr. Mark Lynn '23 Hon.
  • Mr. Michael J. Mackin ’83
  • Mr. William E. Mudd '93
  • Mr. Stephen G. Mullins ’84
  • Dr. Carole Pfeffer '74, '19 Hon.
  • Mr. Bradford T. Ray '81, '12 Hon.
  • Mr. Joe Reeves
  • Mr. Bill Samuels, Jr. '11 Hon.
  • Dr. Marian A. Swope ’69, ’15 Hon.
  • Ms. Carolyn Tandy
  • Mr. Tom L. Thomas ’76, ’14 Hon.
  • Mr. Steven Trager
  • Mr. Doug Whyte

Trustees Emeriti 

In order to give special recognition to retiring Trustees who have given distinctive and meritorious service to the university and to allow them to continue to support the university, the Board of Trustees may appoint them as Trustees Emeriti. Trustees Emeriti are believed to serve a valuable role as mentors and consultants to the board, providing the benefit of their previous experience as Trustees.

  • Mr. Donald C. Berg
  • Ms. Elizabeth S. Montgomery '06
  • Mr. W. Patrick Mulloy II '17 Hon.
  • Mr. Leonard M. Spalding '59, '17 Hon.