Home School Students

Bellarmine University encompasses a small, Catholic liberal arts education that allows home school students to thrive. The small classes, caring faculty and student support services allow the home school students to acclimate very quickly to campus. Bellarmine has always welcomed home school students and home school students have historically done very well. Bellarmine is driven to continue to meet the needs of the ever-growing home school population to ensure that they are successful.

"Bellarmine is a good fit for me as a home-schooled student because it challenges me intellectually and I have the opportunity to use my experiences in my learning. BU provides many social opportunities that are easy to participate in, even if you don’t know anybody, and BU provides the opportunity for students to get involved and develop leadership skills. I have found Bellarmine University to be a great fit for me."

- Bellarmine Student, Tracy Law

Home School Student Application Process

When a home school student applies to Bellarmine, the Admission Counselor and Dean of Admission will review the application on an individual basis. Here is a list of requirements for home school applicants to submit to our office for admission:

  1. Complete the Application for Undergraduate Admission.
  2. Submit official ACT/SAT scores.*
  3. A transcript or list of courses completed including a grading scale that states the numerical value of a letter grade.
  4. A recommendation from the school counselor or person (coach, pastor, etc) that can speak of the student’s character and academic ability. 
  5. If any high school credit was earned in a formal high school setting, the applicant must supply a copy of the official partial transcript from the respective school. 

*While home-schooled students are typically unable to apply test-optional, in response to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the 2020-2021 application process will be test-optional for home-schooled applicants. 

The Admission Office may request additional information in making an admission decision.