Women's Council History

Left to Right: Rose Lenihan Rubel, Emilita "Bunny" Barker, Msgr. Alfred F. Horrigan, Rose Ratterman & Mary Rose Arru

The Bellarmine University Women's Council began in 1963 as an advisory group to Msgr. Alfred F. Horrigan, the first president of Bellarmine College (now Bellarmine University).

The purposes of the Council were a) to serve as a liaison between the college and the community; b) to advise and assist the college in promotion of its program of cultural activities; c) to advise and assist the college in developing the programs and resources of its library; and d) in general, to advise and assist the college in its various activities as requested by the president of the college.

The Women's Council currently has the eighth largest endowment at the university.


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