Membership Information

Want to become a part of the Women's Council?

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A few members enjoying a social event. 

Here is what you will want to know:

Since 1974, the Women's Council has raised more than $2.5 million. We are always looking for new members who are interested in Bellarmine and who would enjoy being associated with a wonderful group of women of various ages and backgrounds.

The Bellarmine Women's Council holds two full membership meetings each year; one in the spring and one in the fall. Each meeting contains a business portion, luncheon and an educational program. The Women's Council also sponsors one or more large scale events every year to help raise money for Bellarmine University and its students. This year's main event is the Bellarmine University Day at the Races. Please see our History page to learn more about this, and our past events.

Council dues are based on what type of membership you are interested in.

Membership Types

We have three types: Active, Sustaining & Lifetime.

The Active Membership is the main membership that includes you in the Women's Council as an Active Member. These members attend meetings, help plan events and advise the university.
Each year, your dues will be $40.

The Sustaining Membership allows you to become a part of the Women's Council without requiring you to be involved in an active membership. This type of membership includes you in the organization, but does not require you to participate as an Active Member. However, if you would like to be involved in a committee, program or event; the Membership Chair would help get you involved. 
Each year, your dues will be $50.

The Lifetime Membership invites you into the organization as a lifetime Bellarmine Women's Council Member. Your support and membership will be sustained for your lifetime.
Your one time dues for this membership will be $300.

There are various committees with volunteer opportunities, within the Bellarmine University Women's Council, benefiting Bellarmine students and the Bellarmine University Student Financial Aid Fund.

Committee Options

Bylaws, Communications, Day at the Races/Silent Auction, Fundraising (including Guatemala Yard Sale), Hospitality, Knight of Honor (Homecoming Court Interview), Nominating, Orientation, Pot Luck (Support Knights Pantry), Remembrance, Retreat, Special Events, Strategic Planning, Women in Leadership Conference, Yearbook.

If you are interested in being more involved with Bellarmine University to benefit its exceptional students and to further the mission of the university, please consider joining the Bellarmine University Women’s Council.