A Vibrant Local Art Community

The city of Louisville is home to a rich and diverse art scene. The J.B. Speed is Kentucky’s oldest and largest art museum. It holds over 12,000 pieces in a permanent collection spanning 6,000 years from ancient Egyptian to contemporary art. 21C in Louisville is the first in a group of national museums focusing on 21st century living artists, including many of the most influential contemporary artists in the world. The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, the Mellwood Arts Center, and numerous galleries, studio complexes and workshops offer a wide range of visual art experiences. During monthly ‘gallery hops’, the city provides free transportation between participating galleries, restaurants, shops and boutiques. Actors Theatre and the Kentucky Center for the Arts are among the city’s many award-winning venues for the performing arts, and Louisville’s metro government actively supports public art events throughout the community, with a dense calendar of concerts, plays, exhibits and art festivals all through the year. Learn more below.