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Prepare for a career in a museum, archive, government, politics or the law with our Bachelor of Arts in History.


At Bellarmine, our history students learn the research, organization, critical thinking, speaking and writing skills to gain a deeper understanding of the world. Our location in Louisville provides rich resources for student internships in institutions and organizations that archive and process historical documents, historic homes and museums, law firms, and non-profit organizations.

Why earn your History degree at Bellarmine?

Bellarmine’s history degree provides an all-encompassing study of history from diverse time periods, perspectives and backgrounds. Students will be introduced to not only in-class experiences, but will also be supported by the larger Louisville community through internships and engagement opportunities at local museums, law firms, and other organizations in the city. Students also have opportunities to engage with students from in and outside the major by participating in one or more of the student-led clubs and organizations on campus.

History majors are also encouraged to participate in an internship at a local organization, and to study abroad. Combined with year-round support from the Office of Career and Development, students build their experiences and depth of knowledge in ways that are tailored to fit their needs, in support of their career goals and aspirations. The History major curriculum supports students on a personal and academic level in order to be fully prepared for employment or graduate studies after completion.

Program Highlights

The history program equips graduates to continue in graduate school, teach on the primary or secondary school level, or embark on careers in both the public and private sectors. Graduates are prepared for productive lives with skills in research, writing, and critical thinking—all informed by a deeper understanding of the human condition.

History majors work closely with the faculty to learn the methods of historical research and use of primary documents. There are also extracurricular activities in the department. The Bellarmine Historical Society provides opportunities for students to invite speakers, view films, and go on field trips to sites of historical interest. Each year students may participate in the Model Arab League, which travels to regional competitions. Students who excel in the discipline will be invited to be inducted into Phi Alpha Theta, a national honor society with 860 local chapters.

The Louisville community provides rich resources for student internships in institutions and organizations that archive and process historical documents, historic homes and museums, law firms, and non-profit organizations. The opportunity to travel with history faculty on a yearly basis allows the student to integrate the many aspects of their liberal arts education.


Learning Goals

  1. History graduates will have an understanding of essential historical and political perspectives, drawn from the wide global spectrum of human experience.
  2. History graduates will have an ability to read and analyze primary and secondary texts critically.
  3. History graduates will have an ability to interpret evidence and think historically.
  4. History graduates will have an ability to disseminate their discoveries and ideas by oral and written means.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are required to complete the program?
For a History Major:

  • Basic courses: HIST 116, 117, 201, 202, 323, 324 and 12 hours selected from 300- or 400-level History courses. (For the maximum 36 hours permitted in the major, students may select six additional hours from 300- or 400-level History courses.)
  • Required related courses: PS 101, PS 203, PS 204. History majors must also complete six credits of a foreign language (ancient or modern) or satisfy the Bellarmine College of Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Arts foreign language proficiency requirement.

For a History Minor:

  • 24 credit hours including: HIST 116, 117, 201, 202, and 12 hours selected from 300- or 400-level History courses.

What employment opportunities are available with a history degree?
Graduates with a history major find work within museums, public document archival systems, foundations and organizational archives, and other fields in which primary documents must be maintained and studied. Some of our graduates pursue careers in government service or in politics at the local, state, or federal level. Others embark upon careers in business or in non-profit organizations. Others teach social science at the high school level. Many students who major in history go on to post-graduate study or law school.

Do you provide job or internship placement?
Yes. Bellarmine guarantees every student the opportunity to have an internship, develop a career plan and build a professional network. The Louisville community provides resources for history student internships in institutions and organizations that archive and process historical documents, historic homes and museums, law firms, and non-profit organizations.

Is financial aid available?
Yes. Please go to Bellarmine’s financial aid website for detailed information on financial aid packages. Additionally, students can work with our Faculty Development Center to apply for grants and awards outside of the Bellarmine offerings.

How many hours can I expect to spend studying outside of class time?
Students have their own learning styles so this can vary greatly. As a rule of thumb, expect to spend an average of two hours studying for every hour you spend in class.

Alumna Story


“The educational foundation I received at BU has helped me throughout my career as an archivist. Having a broad liberal arts background with a major in history gave me skills in research, communication, and critical thinking. BU also provided me an excellent network of friends and colleagues throughout the city, county, and world. Bellarmine will be an excellent choice as you continue on your journey!”

Jennifer Cole, MA, MLIS ’01
Associate Curator of Special Collections
The Filson Historical Society

Career Prospects

Graduates of Bellarmine’s History Program are found in almost every imaginable occupation, including the military, law, political campaigns, teaching, finance, public relations, coaching, government, business, advertising, education administration, libraries, and archives.

Our graduates have pursued graduate degrees at Auburn University, Columbia University, Hebrew Union College, Johns Hopkins University, Loyola University (Chicago), Morehead State University, Southern College of Optometry, University of Chicago, University of Cincinnati, University of Illinois, University of Louisville, University of Melbourne (Australia), and Xavier University, among others.

Graduates have gone to law schools at the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Northern Kentucky University, St. Louis University, Indiana University-Bloomington, Indiana University-Indianapolis, George Mason University, and the University of Notre Dame.

On-Campus Experiences

Bellarmine’s Historical Society pursues the research and presentation of Bellarmine’s own history, and encourages students’ interest in the history of the region, state, nation, and world through extracurricular activities.

Faculty Profiles

Here is a quick snapshot of a few of our faculty members. Read profiles of all of our distinguished faculty.

Dr. Fedja Buric
Dr. Buric, who holds a bachelor’s degree from Bellarmine and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, teaches on the topics of modern European history, Eastern European history, Balkans, genocide, and nationalism. His research interests include 20th century Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, socialism, and post-socialism.

Dr. Eric Paul Roorda
Dr. Roorda, who has a bachelor’s degree from the College of Williams and Mary and a master’s and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, teaches Latin American history, maritime history, Vietnam and Watergate, the U.S. presidency, the Civil War, the American Revolution and the War of 1812, and study-abroad courses in Latin America. His research interests include U.S. relations with the Dominican Republic and Cuba, and U.S. and Caribbean maritime history.

Dr. D. Lynn Wagner
Dr. Wagner has a bachelor’s degree, as well as master’s degrees in history and education, from Morehead State University, and an Ed.D. from the University of Kentucky. Her teaching fields are Western civilization and women’s history and her research interests are 19th century reform movements and women’s history.


Bellarmine University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate, master’s and doctorate degrees.

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Bellarmine offers a wide variety of study abroad options around the globe. Learn what opportunities are available to you on our Study Abroad and International Programs site.

Contact Information

Timothy K. Welliver, Ph.D, History Department Chair
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