Our Program

Write and record your own music. Learn on-site and studio recording skills and how to build an effective home digital recording studio. Continue to develop your skills as a singer or an instrumentalist. Learn basic digital manipulation and editing techniques through synthesis, signal processing, software-based systems, and interactive computer music, acoustics, perception, basic electronics, invention, trends, aesthetics and the history of electro-acoustic music. Take advantage of our internship and partnership opportunities. Learn aspects of the music business including Intellectual Property, Copyright and Artist Contract Laws.

Effective competition in the music fields of today and tomorrow requires strong musical skills linked with ability and artistry in the use of electronic media. Our program combines courses in music technology as well as courses that develop the whole musician such as aural skills, music theory, music history, jazz and world music, and singing and/or playing an instrument.

Entrance Requirements

To be accepted into the Music Technology Program at Bellarmine University here's what you need to do:

  1. Be admitted by Bellarmine University.
  2. Schedule a Music Department visit so for an interview with the Music Technology Program Director. This visit can coincide with a full day agenda that includes a campus tour, sitting in on a class, meeting with the Office of Admissions and the Financial Aid Office. There is also an overnight visit option. We want to get to know you as much as you should get to know us.
  3. If available, a music portfolio and/or audio CD demonstrating your work in music technology thus far. This can be music you're written and recorded by yourself or with your peers.

These requirements are designed to allow the music technology faculty members an opportunity to assess your musical skills and background so that we may better advise you to the most suitable courses upon entry to the music department.

Additional Requirements

As a Bellarmine Music Technology Major, you will also need the following:

Freshman Year: A MacBook or MacBook Pro, a MIDI Controller and a set of studio headphones. This is to be purchased before the fall semester begins. For the second semester, you will need to purchase the most recent version of Logic Pro.

Sophomore Year: You will need to purchase the most recent version of Abelton Live.

Junior Year: The most recent version of Finale Notation Software is suggested and mandatory for students in the Theory/Composition track. This is to be purchased before the fall semester begins. You will also need to purchase the assigned textbook for Music Technology V.

Senior Year: Nothing to buy, hooray!

What music courses will you take?

Click here to see the Music Technology degree course requirements.

Our Graduates

Graduates of the program have completed graduate degrees in music at the University of Maryland, NYU, SUNY College, the Savannah College of Art and Design and Minnesota State University in other fields including Film and Video, Sound Design, Computer Animation and Music Technology. Others have gone on to careers in Studio Recording and Engineering as well as successful free-lance musicians and composers living and working in Louisville, New York City, Pittsburgh, Nashville and Los Angeles, working in Hollywood and for Disney.