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Complete your pharmacy school requirements and prepare for Pharm-D success with Bellarmine’s Pre-Pharmacy program.

Why choose Bellarmine for your Pre-Pharmacy program?

The Pre-Pharmacy track at Bellarmine allows students of any major to complete the pre-requisite requirements for application and admission to pharmacy school upon completion of their undergraduate degree. Students who choose the Pre-Pharmacy track receive the advising they need to stay on track with post-undergrad plans, and Bellarmine’s well-rounded liberal arts curriculum prepares them to not only practice the mechanics of their skill, but the ability to think critically, problem solve, question, and communicate. The balance of a liberal arts degree can make the difference in the admission process.

Program Highlights

Bellarmine University prepares students for application to graduate programs in pharmacy. Entrance requirements and standards for admission to pharmacy school are extremely competitive, and students must satisfy a variety of course and extra-curricular expectations. You will want to start preparing early in your college career to meet the expectations of pharmacy programs. Our goal is to advise and prepare you to have a competitive application to pharmacy programs of your choosing by identifying the courses and experiences that will prepare you for the exams and meet the admission requirements of your chosen schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What test do I have to take to apply to pharmacy school?

While institutional requirements may vary, most programs require applicants to submit scores from the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), generally taken before or during the fall semester of the application year (senior year of college).

What should I major in to be a Pharmacist?

Necessary coursework is heavily weighted toward the sciences, but a science major is not essential. Most students choose a major in the natural sciences like biology, micro-biology, and chemistry because most of the pre-requisite courses will be built into that curriculum.

When do I apply to pharmacy school?

The deadline and process vary from program to program, but generally the application will be submitted through PHARMCAS the summer before your last year of undergrad.

What are the pharmacy school requirements?

In addition to pre-requisite course work and exams, applicants to pharmacy programs are expected to have demonstrated a commitment to the profession through participation in relevant activities, which may include volunteer work or employment in a pharmacy-related environment (retail or otherwise). Interested students should contact specific institutions to determine detailed admission requirements and meet with a Bellarmine pre-pharmacy advisor as soon as possible to develop a plan that will satisfy all prerequisites. Additional information regarding careers in pharmacy and the application process may be found on the Pharmacy College Application Service website.

What are the pharmacy pre-requisite courses?

Course requirements may vary institutionally and by program, so you will want to have a list of schools, but the courses listed below will satisfy prerequisites for admission to many institutions.

Student Support

We want you to succeed in your goals. All students interested in applying to Pharmacy School must meet for advising with the advisor for the Pre-Pharmacy program, Dr. Pat Holt, at the beginning of their sophomore year to discuss pre-admission testing and application procedures for the schools they are interested in applying to. The application process is different for each type of pharmacy program. Each application service has its own submission dates and final deadlines that are detailed on their websites, so meeting with the Pre-pharmacy advisor early is a must.

General Requirements

  • Biology 130: Principles of Biology (with lab)
  • Biology 231: Cell Biology (with lab)
  • Biology 313: Microbiology (with lab)
  • Biology 314: Vertebrate Physiology (with lab)
  • Biology 335: Human Gross Anatomy (with lab)
  • Chemistry 103: General College Chemistry I (with lab)
  • Chemistry 104: General College Chemistry II (with lab)
  • Chemistry 205: Organic Chemistry I (with lab)
  • Chemistry 206: Organic Chemistry II (with lab)
  • Communications 103: Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Economics 110: Macroeconomics
  • English 101: Expository Writing
  • English 200, 201, 207, 208, 209, or 210: Any literature course
  • Math 117: Calculus I
  • Math 205: Statistics
  • Biology 240: Genetics (with lab)
  • Chemistry 301: Biochemistry I
  • Physics 201: College Physics I (with lab) or Physics 205: University Physics I (with lab)

Discerning your goals

In order to be fully prepared for the application process, you will want to start on the path of preparation early in your college degree. All students interested in applying to pharmacy school should meet with the pre-pharmacy advisor, science faculty, Career Development, and professionals in the pharmacy field. In addition, the various department clubs (Biology, BMB, Chemistry, MLS) often have special programs dedicated to medical and dental careers, admission processes, and other activities of interest. All students are encouraged to join and participate in these student organizations.


Dr. Patrick Holt

Dr. Patrick Holt, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Physics, has taught at Bellarmine since 1993. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) and his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Rice University. Subsequently, Dr. Holt completed postdoctoral research in laser spectroscopy at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a point of contact for students interested in pre-pharmacy, and provides guidance through the discernment and planning process for pharmacy school admission.

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