Assistant Professor
Bellarmine University
Phone: 502.272.8188

Hoon Choi was born and raised in South Korea and moved to the US as a youth. He was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, grew up practicing Presbyterianism and decided to celebrate his Confirmation back in the Catholic Church. He fulfilled his compulsory duty as a soldier in the Republic of Korea Army (infantry 2006-2008) in the middle of his doctoral studies.

His research interests range from (de)constructing norms of masculinities in Christian religions to interdisciplinary dialogue on gendered racial ideologies. These interests resulted in the publication of “Brothers in Arms and Brothers in Christ? The Military and the Catholic Church as Sources for Modern Korean Masculinity” (Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics), and “Man up! A response to Meghan Clark” (Catholic Moral Theology Blog). Choi has presented in scholarly conferences both here in the United States and in South Korea. His two most recent presentations are entitled, “Deconstructing Hegemonic Masculinities in Korean Buddhism” (the American Academy of Religion) and “Theoethical Genealogy: The Exercise of Self-Narration as an Ethic of Risk” (the Society of Christian Ethics). He has taught as a lecturer at Loyola University in Chicago, and as an assistant professor at St. John’s University in New York City. He is happily (recently) married to Theresa Lee.


  • Moral Theology of Health Care
  • Catholic Vision and Imagination
  • Theology of Christian Marriage
  • Perspectives on Christianity