Fakebook Assignments: Fun for Students, Easy to Create for Instructors

Looking for a fun and engaging way for your students to learn about the characters in a book, about historical figures, or about theorists in your field?  Well, why not have them create a fake Facebook page for the characters, historical figures or theorists.  Their work could then be shared on Moodle. I do not recommend creating fake accounts on Facebook, but rather using a space called Fakebook or creating your own template on Word.  

Creative teachers all over are using this concept with K-12 and college students.  For example, the APA site posted this assignment that an instructor created for an undergraduate psychology course.  It is titled, "What if Freud had a Facebook page?"  While basic biographical information would be shared on the page, students were encouraged not to just give information about the theorist, but to actually become the theorists and have postings that reflected their theories.  Students were encouraged to locate not just text about the theories, but pictures and videos as well thereby creating a multimedia presentation.  A template was provided and students worked in groups to create the page.  This activity could also have been done individually as well.  More information may be found here.  Examples from all discipline areas may be found here.  The template used for these examples may be found here, but you could also create a template using Word that students could download and fill out.  This could also be done without technology as well as this example shows here.

I will be happy to show you more about how you can implement this assignment in your classroom.  Please feel free to contact me at jposton@bellarmine.edu


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