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Environmental Science

Students get their hands dirty with experiential learning


What is experiential learning? 

Experiential learning is hands-on learning which gives you firsthand experience beyond what you get in a classroom. It’s the foundation for creating active, life-long learners that involves a highly supportive atmosphere where you are encouraged to undertake real-life challenges and find ways to deal with them. At Bellarmine, you are encouraged to engage with the community and various learning environments in each of our programs, and Environmental Science is no exception. You will find opportunities and resources that provide you with an invaluable educational experience and level of practice which prepares you to take the next step on the path to your career.  


Experiential learning and Bellarmine’s Environmental Science program 

In Environmental Science courses, experiential learning might mean wading ankle-deep in a creek to collect test samples, or cutting down invasive plant species to help preserve native wildlife. Check out these videos, which showcase our students and faculty putting the knowledge acquired in the classroom to work, investigating and protecting our regional eco-systems.  


Bellarmine prepares students for careers in their field 

Bellarmine’s Environmental Studies department provides experiential opportunities as part of the curriculum that will help jumpstart your profession and the provide the lasting benefit of real-world career exploration. The sort of hands-on learning that happens at Bellarmine provides a supportive environment for students to pursue their interests and try on different roles in their field, setting them up to graduate with the knowledge of what’s next. And, experiential learning gives Bellarmine grads a competitive edge by providing real-world experience to showcase on their resumes and in interviews when it’s time to land a job. 
No matter which program you choose, Bellarmine sets you up for success by guaranteeing the opportunity to have an internship, develop a career plan, and build a professional network. Last year alone, 87% of Bellarmine’s students have participated in more than 90 hours of experiential learning which included internships, teaching, clinicals, and research. See what experiential learning looks like in some of our other programs or schedule a visit to see the Bellarmine difference in action! 

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