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A step by step guide to the first-year housing application with FAQ's

In true Bellarmine fashion, we want to help you prepare for the most exciting part of college: Life in the Residence Halls! Our housing application process is designed to be as user friendly as possible, but as with everything in life, there will always be questions. This resource will help answer the questions you may be pondering, and perhaps even some you didn’t think to ask!


When can I apply for housing?

Any first-year student who has been admitted to Bellarmine can apply to live on campus beginning December 1st. Part 1 of the housing application will be available on our housing website. Part 2 of our housing application will be available starting March 15th. 


Why are there two parts?

Part 1 is a simple process of signing your housing contract and letting us know that you plan to live on campus so we can be ready with all the supportive Residence Life staff necessary to welcome you next year. We recognize that you may not know yet if you want to be matched with a specific roommate, or if you prefer to let us match you based on your profile preferences. A lot can change between now and the start of your first year, so we want to give you time to consider your options and possibly get to know some of your future classmates. 

Part 2 is when you complete your housing profile and have the opportunity to select a roommate. It will open after you've had some time to connect with your future classmates through our Class of 2026 Facebook Group and admitted student events. This means, we are going to help you form connections with your future classmates and decide what you want from your roommate experience. We want to make it as easy as possible to make connections! 


Why don’t I choose my residence hall in the application?

Just like roommate preference, we don’t expect you to know exactly what you want out of your first year on-campus experience just yet. You may discover you are interested in joining a Learning Community or our Honors Program and you want to be placed in their specialty housing. You may be deciding if you plan to request an accommodation to support your medical, dietary, or other needs. Those are details that can be addressed later. 


What’s up with the bathroom situation?

In all our first-year residence halls, we offer community style bathrooms. This offers you the opportunity to form connections and get to know everyone on your floor while you share laughs brushing your teeth late at night or early in the morning. It also saves you the trouble of cleaning the bathrooms, because our maintenance staff will take care of that for you throughout the day. Community bathrooms: make friends, not messes.


When will I get my housing assignment?

We will match you with your random roommate or your selected option and notify both of you in June of your residence hall and room assignment. At that point, we encourage you to start planning for what each of you will be bringing and coordinate duvet covers to your hearts’ content!


What do I need to complete Part 1?

Your Bellarmine Username and Password, which are available in the "Your Bellarmine Credentials" section of the admitted student portal. If you can’t find either of those, you can email your admission counselor to get this information. You will also need to pay your $200 enrollment deposit, which is refundable up until May 1st. There is no separate housing deposit.


What does Part 1 entail? 

We’ve got some images to walk you through this first section of the application so you know exactly what you will see as you go through this process.


This is the landing page for your housing portal. You will log in here.


PortalX, page 1


This is the page you will see once you log in to your portal. You will select Academic Year 2022-2023 to begin your application.


PortalX, page 2


This is what you will see when you click Apply. Your personal information should be filled in, but we want you to make sure it’s correct.


PortalX, page 3


You will see this page when you have verified your personal information. 


PortalX, page 4


Once you’ve deposited, you will sign your housing contract.


PortalX, page 5


That’s it, you’re done with Part 1!

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