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Ready for a career in health care? Bellarmine has you covered.

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It’s never been a better time to think about pursuing one of the awesome majors related to the field of health care – all of our programs at Bellarmine will set you up for success in your career and to give you a competitive edge over other applicants in your field.   

Even if you already know the health care-related major you’re planning to pursue, there are two courses offered this summer to help prepare you for other required coursework, to help you understand the health care system more broadly and think about potential careers within your chosen major. If you’re undeclared and are still trying to decide which major is right for you, even better! These courses are designed to help you navigate your potential interests while learning more about the health care industry. Here’s a little more information about each course: 


Medical Terminology (HLTH 120) – 3 credits  

During Summer Session IV (May 26 – July 30), HLTH 120 – Medical Terminology – will be offered in a fully online format for Bellarmine students. This course examines the words used to describe the human body. By studying medical terminology, you will develop a useful fluency in the highly specialized language of health care. This course will help you learn the proper terminology for major diseases (pathology) affecting the human body as well as each organ system of the body. You will also focus on the component parts of medical terminology. As you progress through the course, and as your vocabulary of medical terms expands, your knowledge of the body's structure and function will increase. You will develop an understanding of disorders that affect the body and how they are diagnosed and treated. Students will be able to apply this essential knowledge in any chosen health care profession, no matter which discipline or specialty you ultimately pursue. 


Introduction to Health Care Professions (HLTH 110) – 1 credit 

This course will also be offered fully online this summer but will be in Summer Session III (June 29 – July 30). Again, even if you know the major you want to pursue, this course is a great option to figure out the variety of careers you could pursue based on your interests, skills and abilities. If you’re undeclared right now, this is an ideal course to learn more about the health care system in the U.S. and see what fields in health care most interest to you. Comprehensive, informative, inspiring and timely, this course presents real-world insights emphasizing both the challenges and rewards of a health care professional. It is ideal for every major who is interested in exploring, planning and preparing for a career in health care. You will learn about the various health occupations and settings, including those in hospitals, outpatient clinics, physical therapy clinics, physician offices, dental practices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, biotechnology research and medical laboratories. 

Health care careers are constantly growing year after year, and that trend will only continue as the country’s population grows older. 


As noted in Forbes, health care careers are constantly growing year after year, and that trend will only continue as the country’s population grows older. There will be the greatest number of persons aged 65 and older (and 85 and older) in the coming decade. There’s no better time to enter the health care world and have a career that is not only rewarding each day with the patients and residents you will care for, but also provides job security and an excellent income. 

In the College of Health Professions, the School of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences and the School of Nursing and Clinical Sciences, there is a degree that’s for you, including athletic trainingexercise sciencehealth services leadershipmedical laboratory sciencenursingphysical therapyradiation therapy and  respiratory therapy.   

If you have any questions about the two courses offered this summer, please contact Dr. Kevin Hansen at and he will be happy to help answer your inquiries. 

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