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Olivia Reibel at Old Forrester

Bellarmine first in job placement among Kentucky colleges

Bellarmine Difference

Bellarmine grads land great jobs.

Just ask Olivia Reibel, region field marketing manager of emerging brands at Brown-Forman.  

“I think being a Bellarmine grad absolutely set me a part in the hiring process,” she said.  

Reibel, a 2016 communications graduate, said that’s because employers know they’re getting a candidate who has gotten a great education and the skills needed to work in the real world.  

“They know they’re getting a well-rounded individual,” she said. 

Experiential learning is a critical part of the Bellarmine experience, so much so, the university guarantees every student will have the opportunity to land an internship, develop a career plan and build a professional network. 

Those experiences prepare students for the real world and give them substantive fodder for their resumes.  

The Career Development Center offers its many services to current students, as well as alumni, so you will get lifelong access to career services. Not to mention, the Bellarmine alumni network, which is 25,000 strong, is constantly offering ways to gather, network and build skills. 

The strong start in your profession spells lasting success. Bellarmine tracks and analyzes graduate outcomes on an ongoing basis and finds that: 

  • On average, Knights get hired and make more money than graduates from other universities. The average starting salary for BU grads is $50,000. Those who choose to pursue a graduate degree, the average salary is $68,000. 
  • Bellarmine graduates have the highest earning potential of any Kentucky university 10 years after graduation and earn the highest mid-career salaries of any university in Kentucky. 
  • 91 percent of Bellarmine graduates are working within their field of study. 

Check out the Career Development Center to find out more about how Bellarmine can help you land your first great job. 



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