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Bellarmine students know that summer is a great time to get stuff done. They work, intern, travel and take classes in summer session – all while finding plenty of time for fun, too. 

Add up the reasons and it’s easy to see why summer session makes sense. It’s a fast, convenient, affordable way to earn credits and knock out classes. See if it’s right for you, too. 

It’s affordable 

Summer classes cost $650 per credit hour, which includes tuition, OnCourse class materials and a comprehensive fee. Some individual course fees may apply.  

There is additional financial aid available for qualifying students. 

Housing is incredibly affordable, as well. Double occupancy rooms cost as little as $70 a week, while single rooms are $100. 

Lastly, you can also get ahead in your academic schedule, which could potentially help you graduate sooner. Less time earning your college degree means less money you and your family have to spend. That’s a win that’s hard to beat.   

Get ahead 

Summer classes are a great way to accelerate your college career at Bellarmine. First year and sophomore students can get a jump start by knocking out general education classes. Finishing gen ed classes early can help you graduate sooner or give you more time to pursue a second major or minor. Upperclassman may find classes within their major they can check off, too. 

Hey, maybe you had an off semester for some reason and fell behind your academic schedule. Summer session can help you catch up, too.  

See if the shoe fits 

If you haven’t decided your major or don’t quite know what you want to do after college, consider signing up for classes like HLTH110: Introduction to Healthcare Professions. Introductory classes can help decide what’s the right field of study, either as a major or a minor. 


Bellarmine offers more than 100 classes throughout the summer, with about 30 of them online. There’s lots to choose from, so you’re likely to find the classes you need or want, in the timeframe and format that works best for you. 

And because the summer sessions are in a seven-week accelerated format, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy summer. 

Resources you need to succeed 

If you take summer courses at Bellarmine, you have uninterrupted access to all of Bellarmine’s services you know and love, such as the library and the tutoring, writing and testing centers. 

If you have any questions at all about which classes are right for you, reach out to your advisor. They can help you pick the right options. 

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