First Destination Survey 2024


Career outcome data shows that Bellarmine grads get hired, earn more


Bellarmine University has published the results of its yearly "First Destination Survey," an in-depth analysis of graduation outcomes for the latest graduating cohort. 

The findings indicate that Bellarmine graduates from the class of 2023 report higher wages, levels of employment, and job satisfaction than graduates from other universities in the region. Additionally, three years after graduation, Bellarmine University bachelor’s degree recipients earn a median income 19% higher than the average median income for those holding bachelor’s degrees from all other Kentucky institutions. For master’s degrees, our graduates' average median income is 23% higher.  

“These successful outcomes are the result of a university-wide collaboration effort to support our students along their educational journey,” said Liz Byron, Executive Director of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement. “Bellarmine’s Impact Network of faculty, academic, peer, and career advisors work diligently from preorientation through graduation to help students in their process of self-discovery, career readiness, experiential learning, mentoring, and equity and inclusion. This wrap-around support allows us to actualize the Bellarmine mission to educate students mind, body, and spirit for meaningful lives and rewarding careers.”  

Bellarmine consistently tracks career outcomes as part of its comprehensive approach. The latest survey results found that 99% of graduates report working or continuing their education within six months of graduation. Student-athletes were well represented, with 100% securing a job or enrolling in a graduate program within six months of graduation for the third consecutive year.  

Bellarmine’s 2023 graduates work and study in 24 U.S. states, D.C., and five international destinations. Many stay local, with 71% of graduates working or continuing their studies in the Louisville Metro area. “Knights are committed to the greater good of this community and will carry forward the Bellarmine mission of service to improve the human condition,” said Byron.  

This year's survey outcomes indicated that 88% of graduates prepared for life after college by participating in more than 90 hours of experiential learning, including internships, teaching, clinicals, scientific research, and other relevant work experiences. “Through a push for experiential learning in all majors, self-assessment tools, and our Alumni Mentor Program, we ensure equitable outcomes for all students,” said Byron. 

Many Bellarmine graduates are working in their respective fields. “We are particularly proud that 97% of our graduates are pursuing full-time opportunities in their field of interest, meaning that they accomplished their intended career goals,” said Jackie McNatt, Director of Career Development. “These outcomes can be attributed to well-established partnerships between Career Development and faculty, staff, alumni, and employers.” 

The survey results also revealed that Bellarmine graduates are finding success in various industries, including healthcare, business, education, and technology. Students from all our colleges and fields of study have achieved success. Notably, our business school in the latest cohort boasts a remarkable 100% employment rate. Of the 90 students who graduated from the Rubel School of Business, 63% are working, and 37% are continuing their education through an advanced degree. 
Dean Diane Bruce credits the Rubel School for its holistic approach to student preparation. “We blend classroom instruction with hands-on application to develop a comprehensive skill set essential for success in today’s job market,” said Bruce. She also acknowledges the faculty's important role in mentoring students and helping them discover their ideal career path. "Faculty members get to know students both in and out of the classroom, assisting not only with course selection but also with helping students consider potential career paths. They are invested in the growth and development of each student throughout their academic journey and beyond.” 
With the help of faculty, advisors, and career and peer coaches, Bellarmine supports students in reaching their goals and achieving success. 
You can read more about the results of the first destination survey and learn more about Bellarmine by requesting more information.  


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