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Current Students: 4 Reasons to Take Summer Classes


Many Bellarmine students take summer classes because of the numerous advantages associated with knocking out some credits during the long, hot summer days. Read on for 4 reasons you should sign up for summer classes before you look ahead to the fall semester.

Less time in college means more time earning money and less money you and your family have to invest in your education.  

Save money

First and foremost, summer courses are only $625 per credit hour. That means you can take classes for less money and get ahead of your academic schedule, potentially helping you graduate earlier. Less time in college means more time earning money and less money you and your family have to invest in your education. You may even qualify for financial aid for summer classes.



This year, all of Bellarmine’s summer classes will be taught online with Hyflex instruction by the same professors you know and love. That means that whether you live in Louisville, Alaska or Cincinnati, you can take advantage of Bellarmine’s special summer class rate and offerings. And because the summer sessions are in a seven-week accelerated format, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy the summer.


Get ahead or make up ground

Taking summer classes are a great way to knock out your some of your General Education requirements. That way, you can spend more time on the requirements for your major, adding a minor or simply enjoying summer doing absolutely nothing. On the flip side, if you are finding it difficult to get all of the degree requirements completed in the standard four-year college timeline, then summer classes are a fantastic way to make up for lost ground.


Make some room to explore

College is all about opening your eyes to new ideas and experiences. Your fall and spring schedules are packed with the required courses to fulfill the degree requirements for your major. There’s no better way to round out your resume than adding more and diverse skills through summer classes. Summertime offers students a chance to explore other areas of interest. Consider learning a new language, taking a business or a music course. If you are still unsure of your major, BU199: Career Exploration and HLTH110: Introduction to Healthcare Professions, are courses to consider.


Make a good summer great by signing up for a summer class at Bellarmine.

Click here for a summer schedule.

Click here to register for summer classes.

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