EPIC Toolbox

Student employees: EPIC Moodle Toolbox portal courses can be completed remotely for 20 to 24 hours of compensation. Students will need to clock in and clock out using the timekeeping system as normal.

To access the EPIC Toolbox, students need to access Moodle. To access Moodle, visit our Moodle website or One.Bellarmine. If a student does not see the EPIC Toolbox on Moodle, they need to contact Jorge Pazmino at jpazmino@bellarmine.edu to be added.

Modules Available 

  • Module 1: Goal Setting  
  • Module 2: Financial Wellness  
  • Module 3: Human Dynamics  
  • Module 4: Global/Intercultural Fluency  
  • Module 5: Professional Networking  
  • Module 6: Career Management  
  • EPIC Victrola * Podcasts *  

Modules in development 

  • Module 7: Etiquette & Ethics in the Workplace  
  • Module 8: How to negotiate salary  
  • Module 9: Wellness  
  • Module 10: Personal branding  
  • Module 11: Calling and Purpose