Faculty and Staff Resources

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University Offices and Resources

  • Bias Incidents and Reporting: Learn what constitutes bias and report an incident.
  • Campus Ministry: Activities and programs that foster the spiritual development of the Bellarmine University community.
  • Employee Assistance Program: A confidential, short-term counseling service for employees and their families, provided and paid for by Bellarmine. Employees may contact Human Development Company directly at 502-589-HELP (4357) or 1-800-877-8332.
  • Human Resources: Information about faculty, staff and administrative employment at Bellarmine.

Trainings and Professional Development

Bellarmine DEI Endorsement

The Bellarmine University DEI Endorsement is a continuing education program developed for Bellarmine faculty, staff, students, and community members seeking to personally and professionally develop by engaging with various DEI topics. Learners will complete this endorsement more equipped to help make their communities, workplaces, and organizations more inclusive and equitable spaces. Read more


Once a month for an hour, the Office of Identity & Inclusion leads a discussion focusing on identity and/or social justice open to students, faculty, and staff. This series aims to raise awareness, build community, and encourage attendees to create individual and cross-campus action plans on how to build equitable environments for all members of the Bellarmine University and Louisville community. Check the OII website for upcoming #BUDialogues.

Campus Ministry Racial Justice Retreat

Self-guided retreat that encourages participants to seek understanding and reflection on systemic racial inequities, the implications of white privilege, and our calls to action in our religious and spiritual identities. Read more

Dialogue on Diversity Conference

A day-long conference open to students and professionals dedicated to engaging in constructive dialogue about identity and diversity in the workplace across different fields through workshops, presentations, and panels. This conference is co-hosted by Bellarmine University, University of Louisville, Spalding University, and Jefferson Community and Technical College as well as other organizations in the Louisville area. Read more

LGBTQ+ Ally Training

LGBTQ+ Ally Training is designed to educate the community about personal, sociological and political issues faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning people. Read more

Chosen Name and Personal Pronouns

Bellarmine University believes that the identity of each person is important and deserving of respect. To that end, we provide the option of designating one’s chosen name and/or pronouns in places where a legal name is not required. Please click here for more information.

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

In the spirit of creating inclusive and welcoming spaces, Bellarmine has designated 31 gender-inclusive restrooms that provide a safe, private facility for people of all genders, people with disabilities who may need assistance, and families with children. A list of gender-inclusive restrooms may be found here.

Campus Climate Survey

Bellarmine University has diligently worked to meet the strategic priorities articulated in Traditions and Transformations upon its adoption. The University will assess progress made on these strategic priorities in 2024 and revise our strategic plan. This Climate Survey assesses the inclusivity of our campus by inquiring about your sense of belonging and the implementation of ongoing institutional practices.  

The results of this survey will be shared in a written report with our campus community. There will also be opportunities for additional feedback from our community to contextualize results and guide our students in developing goals and strategies to be a diverse and inclusive institution.  

The Instrument: 

President’s Advisory Board on Equity and Inclusion’s Assessment Committee, a cross-section of faculty, staff and students, developed the instrument. Climate Surveys measure participants’ perceptions of an institution’s climate, including the quality and extent of the interaction between various groups and individuals. Additionally, it looks at perceptions of how the institution supports diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.  

The instrument is a compilation of existing standardized, normed, and validated instruments on sense of belonging and inclusivity, existing climate survey items from other universities regarding institutional commitment, and input from various leadership across the University. 

The survey uses a 5-point Likert-scale for most items with opportunities to provide written responses throughout. There are separate surveys for employees and for students that will determine the questions posed. However, the survey alone is not the sole measure. The feedback provided from this and listening sessions will prompt on-going communication, contribute to the development and implementation of new programs, policies, and activities designed to foster a more inclusive climate. 

Beginning January 8th -29th, 2024, the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will be administering the latest edition of a campus-wide climate survey.