Bellarmine Fund

Supporting Students and Academic Excellence

When you give to the Bellarmine Fund, you allow us to respond to the immediate needs of our students, faculty, schools and programs. 

Endowment funds are restricted to specific uses. The Bellarmine Fund, on the other hand, provides current-use dollars for basic student needs or opportunities that arise on any given day.   

Your gift to The Bellarmine Fund also gives us flexibility to quickly leverage opportunities for new experiences and programs to enhance our students’ academic journeys, such as community engagement, internships, study abroad and other experiential learning.  

These gifts from alumni, family and friends play a vital role in our ability to deliver engaged learning and a transformative student experience. 

You may choose to direct your unrestricted gift to the area of greatest need, which gives us the most flexibility. Or you may choose to direct it to one of these areas: 


  • Student scholarships 
  • Students’ basic and experiential learning needs 
  • Faculty enhancement 
  • Support of student-athletes 
  • Individual schools and colleges: 
    • Bellarmine College of Arts and Sciences 
    • W. Fielding Rubel School of Business 
    • Annsley Frazier Thornton School of Education 
    • Donna and Allan Lansing School of Nursing and Clinical Sciences 
    • School of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Whatever you choose, know that your gift to the Bellarmine Fund will help to make a Bellarmine education attainable for deserving students who could otherwise not afford it—and will guarantee that they have a life-changing experience when they get here.  

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a real and lasting difference. Please make your gift to the Bellarmine Fund today. 


Bellarmine Forward 

A new strategic vision adopted in December 2022 describes a Bellarmine education according to five distinctive characteristics:

  • Career-ready graduates – Bellarmine is nationally recognized for providing talented leaders across high-demand fields—including healthcare, business and education—through innovative employer partnerships and a track record of helping students find rewarding careers after graduation.
  • Preparing students for life – Guided by its Catholic traditions, Bellarmine nurtures an interfaith community where a liberal arts foundation and hands-on experiences, guided by individualized attention in and out of the classroom, build critical thinking, self-agency, collaboration and character.
  • Community engagement – Bellarmine is deeply connected to its city and the region through distinctive community engagement, professional partnerships and athletics programs.
  • Equitable and inclusive – Bellarmine is a student-centered community committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in a welcoming learning environment grounded in social justice.
  • Best return on investment in the region – Bellarmine offers an affordable and transformational experience for students through small class sizes, robust student support and a breadth of ways to learn and engage.

Endowed Scholarships

You can help turn their dreams into reality, now and in the future, by establishing an endowed scholarship fund which provides a perpetual source of income—awarded to generations of Bellarmine students—through funds managed by the University. Learn more on our Endowed Scholarships page.