How would this program benefit me in the workplace?

The graduate will be prepared to assume a variety of administrative roles in all aspects of higher education, including academic affairs, student services, enrollment management, administration and finance, athletics, development and fundraising, local, state and federal government agencies, educational non-profit leadership roles, Chief Executive Officer and Presidential duties.

When does the program start?

A new cohort will start each fall semester, generally in late August.

When do classes meet?

For the first three years of the program classes meet Friday evenings from 5:00 to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. six weekends a semester. The fourth program year will be the dissertation year.

How much time would I need to spend outside of class to be prepared for class?

On average, we recommend three hours outside of class to prepare for each hour of instruction. However, this will vary with the content of the courses(s) you are taking each semester.

How does the international or cross cultural experience work and where would I go?

Students will have the opportunity to see first hand how higher education is structured and managed in an international or new domestic environment. Our current two week international experiences are in London (Roehampton), England or India. There are several domestic experiences including a tribal college setting in South Dakota. Each year students along with their program advisor are given an opportunity to select a location that best meets their course of study.

Would I be eligible for any financial assistance?

Yes. You will want to file the FAFSA and apply for federal loans at Graduate students are eligible for loans in the amount of $20,500 per academic year (fall, spring and summer) while enrolled.

Can I visit a class to get a better feel for the program?

Yes. You are welcome to visit a class. To schedule a visit, please contact Dr. Mike Vetter directly at 502.272.7987 or email

Will I be assigned a program adviser who will mentor me and guide me through my course work?

Yes. Each graduate student will have a program advisor who serves as a mentor with each graduate student to help select courses, internship sites, cross cultural experience and dissertation efforts.