Biology Department

The Biology Department offers a broad, contemporary curriculum that familiarizes students with both the principles and practices of the biological sciences. The curriculum develops the intellectual competencies needed to join the scientific workforce or to enter graduate, medical, dental, veterinary, or other professional schools.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program at Bellarmine University retains the fundamental goals of a liberal arts education while allowing students to immerse their studies in the sciences. The program is designed to introduce the fundamental knowledge of the sciences by concept-based learning and to stimulate creative thinking and effective problem-solving through scientific experimentation.

Chemistry Department

The Bellarmine University Chemistry Program is designed for students interested in chemistry and its numerous applications in diverse fields such as biology, physics, geology, and environmental studies.

Mathematics Department

Mathematics majors are well prepared—and highly sought after—for positions in statistics, systems analysis, and business, and increasingly within the biological sciences.

Physics Department

The Physics Program provides strong academic preparation to students for graduate study in physics or a related STEM field or for employment in the high-tech industry in a STEM field. The Physics Program provides a solid background in theoretical, computational and experimental physics in an active learning environment. Students also participate in cutting-edge undergraduate research that cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills, as well as technical and scientific competency.