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Exercise Science

Exercise Science, also known as "Kinesiology," is the scientific study of how the body responds and adapts to physical activity. Through Exercise Science, we learn how to improve athletic performance, maintain health and wellness, and prevent and treat chronic disease. Primary sub-disciplines within this field include:

  • Athletic Training
  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise and Sport Nutrition
  • Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • Motor Behavior
  • Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

Students pursuing a degree in Exercise Science are provided with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to understanding physical activity behaviors, outcomes, and issues from a micro- to macro-level perspective. Additionally, this highly customizable degree allows students to meet their personal interests, needs, and ultimate career goals via the selection of focused program tracks.

The Exercise Science curriculum includes two tracks: Health and Wellness and Sport Performance. The Sport Performance track highlights the role of exercise physiology on the training and performance of athletes. Specialized courses include: Motor Learning, Principles of Athletic Conditioning and Metabolism of Exercise. The Health and Wellness track emphasizes the role of physical activity on health promotion. Specialized courses include: Health Behavior Theory, Community Wellness, and Exercise and Chronic Disease.

Many of our students are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in physical therapy. Within the two tracks, the Exercise Science department can include all the pre-requisite requirements for the Bellarmine DPT program. Additionally, Exercise Science students may apply for early entry into the Bellarmine DPT program, if they have completed all pre-requisite courses at the end of the junior year. Students may begin on either track for the early-entry program and should work with their advisor to complete all pre-requisite requirements.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to complete a dual BA/MHS or BA/MSAT 5-year early-entry program, which awards the student a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science after 4 years, and allows for the completion of either the Master of Health Science or the Master of Science in Athletic Training in one additional year. Students will apply with the office of Graduate Admission for these early-entry programs in the fall of their junior year.

Potential Career Opportunities

The career opportunities associated with an Exercise Science degree are numerous and varied. Generally speaking, however, most careers fall under one of the following broad categories:

  • Coaching and Fitness Leadership
  • Health Promotion and Policy
  • Sports Management and Administration
  • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Teaching and Research


Rooted in Catholic traditions of excellence in education and principles of social justice, the Exercise Science department emphasizes outreach and service to all individuals. Using a holistic approach, engaged faculty guide students through personal transformation, enabling them to maximize their potential as advocates for health and fitness through physical activity.


The vision of the department is to become a recognized regional leader in the field of Exercise Science, empowering our students to impact health, fitness and wellness within all communities.