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Curriculum Vitae


Chair, Art Department
Bellarmine University

2001 Newburg Rd.
Louisville, KY  40205  U.S.A.
(502) 452-8222  Fax (502) 452-8451


University of Kentucky
B.A.     1981       Art     
B.F.A.  1982       Sculpture, Installation, and Painting
M.F.A. 1985       Wood Sculpture and Painting



2006-09     St. Judes Hospital, (Annually)
                   Vieux Fort, ST. LUCIA, Artist in Residence, One Week Workshops

1992-09     Bellarmine University
                   Louisville, Kentucky, Professor, Chair - Department of Art.

1996            Shantou Ministry of Education
Summer       Shantou, CHINA, Lecturer, Department of English.
1994            Nanping Teachers College
Summer       Jianyang, CHINA, Lecturer, Department of English.
1991            University of Louisville
                     Louisville, Kentucky, Adjunct, Hite School of Art.

1989-91      Kenyatta University
                    Nairobi, KENYA, Assistant Professor, College of Art.

1989-90      Makerere University
                    Kampala, UGANDA, External Examiner, School of Art.

1988-89      University of Kentucky
                    Lexington, Kentucky, Adjunct, College of Fine Arts.

1987-88      Esalwa Secondary School
                    Luanda, KENYA, through Harvard University World Teach,
                    Instructor, English, Art and History/Government.

1985           University of Kentucky
                   Lexington, Kentucky, Teaching Assistant, College of Fine Arts.



Fall 1995 to May 2006

IDC 100          Freshman Focus 
ART 101         Beginning Drawing and Composition 
ART 102         Advanced Drawing and Composition 
ART 201         Art History - Ancient to Medieval
ART 211         Two-Dimensional Design  Course Revised
ART 230         Three-Dimensional Design
ART 298         Art History - History of Photography  New Course Developed
ART 303         Painting I
ART 304         Painting II
ART 307         Painting III  Course Revised
ART 309         Painting IV  Course Revised
ART 313         Beginning Figure Drawing
ART 314         Advanced Figure Drawing
ART 410         Senior Portfolio  New Course Developed
ART 411         Senior Project
ART 423         Independent Study 
ART 444         Internship I
ART 445         Internship II

McGrath Art Gallery Director, 1992-2006, eight to ten exhibitions annually




Ancient to Medieval Art History (Bellarmine)
Color Theory (University of Kentucky)
Drawing and Composition I (University of Kentucky, Kenyatta University, Bellarmine)
Drawing and Composition II (Bellarmine)
Drawing and Composition III (Kenyatta University)
Figure Drawing - Beginning (Kenyatta University, Bellarmine)
Figure Drawing - Advanced (Bellarmine)
Freshman Focus (Bellarmine)
History of Photography (Bellarmine)
Independent Study (Bellarmine, Kenyatta University)
Internship (Bellarmine)
Multi-Media Crafts II (Kenyatta University)
Multi-Media Crafts III (Kenyatta University)
Painting I (Kenyatta University, University of Kentucky, Bellarmine)
Painting II (Kenyatta University, Bellarmine)
Painting III (Kenyatta University, Bellarmine)
Painting IV (Kenyatta University, Bellarmine)
Painting V (Kenyatta University)
Painting VI (Kenyatta University)
Painting VII (Kenyatta University)
Senior Project (Bellarmine)
Senior Seminar/Portfolio (University of Kentucky, Kenyatta University, Bellarmine)
Two Dimensional Design (University of Louisville, Bellarmine)
Three Dimensional Design (University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Bellarmine)
Conversational English (Esalwa Secondary School, Nanping Teachers College
                                Shantou Ministry of Education)

Single Student Contracted Courses
Ceramic Sculpture

Stone Carving
Figure Modeling


oil paint               acrylic paint           natural pigments        polymer water color     gouache                   charcoal                    conte’ crayon          

video                  pen and ink            graphite                    colored pencil               technical pens          pastels                       leather work        

chalk                 found objects            wood                     calligraphy pens            photography            electrical wiring           electric motors        

plaster                 stone                     papier mache’           computer graphics        video                       sumi brush & ink        metal     



band saw                table saw                     miter saw               joiner          drill press    
radial arm saw        chain saw                     masonry saw          planer          metal grinder  

arc welder              oxyacetylene welder     mig welder             sander         hammer drill

35mm (photo)            16mm (film)             Super 8 (film)          1/2” (video)   

3/4” (video)                High 8 (video)         digital (video)         digital (photo)




2005    Amyx Gallery, Sculpture, New Castle, KY  U.S.A.    
            Hidden Hill Gallery, Sculpture, Utica, IN,  U.S.A.

2003    Amyx Gallery, Stone Sculpture, New Castle, KY  U.S.A.

            Bittners, Garden Temples, Louisville, KY  U.S.A.

2002    Hidden Hill Gallery, New Works, Utica, IN,  U.S.A.

2000    Bellarmine University, Eight Years of Inquiry, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

1999    Centro Cultural de la Municipalidad de Miraflores, Retratos De La Noche, Lima,  PERU 

1998    Laterna Magica Photogallery, Yolla, Helsinki,  FINLAND 

1997    Harlan Gallery, Seton Hill College, Take Out, Greensburg, PA,  U.S.A. 

1996    Brownsboro Gallery, Auspicious Consumption, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A. 

1995    Fujian Polytechnic, Caren Cunningham - Photographs, Fuzhou, CHINA 

            Krantz Gallery, Wood Sculptures, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A. 

            Artswatch, Natural Narrative, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A. 

1994    Nanping Teachers College, Untitled, Jianyang,  CHINA 

1993    Brownsboro Gallery, The Collections, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A. 

            The Foyer Gallery, Recent Paintings, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A. 

            McGrath Gallery, A Smorgasbord ‘n’ More, Bellarmine University, Louisville,  U.S.A. 

1992    Huff Gallery, About the Night, Spalding University, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

1991    Covi Gallery, A Sculpture Installation, University of Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

1990    British Cultural Center, Vitu Vingi, Nairobi,  KENYA 

1989    Traveling Studio Exhibition, Lexington, New York, Boston,  U.S.A.

1985    Center For Contemporary Art, Masters Thesis Exhibition, Lexington, KY,  U.S.A.

1984    Parsla Berzin Gallery, Landscapes, New York, NY,  U.S.A.

            Camera Dell Arte, Dogs, Birds, Girls with Knives, Centre College, Danville, KY,  U.S.A.

            Rasdall Gallery, Mostly Heads, Lexington, KY,  U.S.A.



2009    Enid - Sculpture Exhibition, Pyro Gallery, Louisville, KY, U.S.A.

2008    Kunst in Dar Stadt (Art in the City), Visiting Artist Program, Mainz GERMANY

2008    Faculty Staff Exhibition, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY, U.S.A. 

2008    Crescent Hill 2008 Annual Photo contest, Juried, Four Awards, Louisville, KY, U.S.A.  

2007    Enid Sculpture Exhibition, Patio Gallery, Louisville, KY, U.S.A.    

2005    The Art of the Garden, Invitational, Artique Gallery, Cincinnati, OH  U.S.A.   

            Focus on the Street, Invitational, Belknap Gallery, University of Louisville, U.S.A.   

2004    Sculpture Inside Outside I, Hidden Hill Gallery, Utica, IN  U.S.A.

            Sculpture Inside Outside II, Spalding University, Louisville, KY, U.S.A.
            Hidden Hill Gallery Artists, Group Exhibition, Utica, IN  U.S.A.

             Insects, Invitational, Bernheim Forest Gallery, KY  U.S.A.  

2003    Hidden Hill Gallery Artists, Group Exhibition, Utica, IN  U.S.A.

2002    91st Water Tower Annual, Juried, Award, Louisville Visual Art Association, KY,  U.S.A.
                (Juror:  Colin McGookin, internationally exhibited artist, Belfast, North Ireland)

2001    Inequitable Conditions, Curated Nationally, Gallery for the Arts, Mt. Sterling, KY, U.S.A. 

                (Curator of Contemporary Art:  Julien Robson, J.B. Speed Art Museum)

            Inequitable Conditions, Curated, Morehead State University, KY  U.S.A.

2000    The Art of Those Who Teach, Invitational, Kentucky Art & Craft Gallery, KY,  U.S.A.    

  Before & After: The Impact of 75 years of Children’s Free Art Classes, Louisville Visual Art Association,  Louisville, KY  U.S.A.

1999    Enid - Generations of Women Sculptors, Louisville Visual Art Association, KY,  U.S.A.  

            In Three Dimensions, Invitational, Zephyr Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.       
            Crescent Hill Garden Tour, Invitational, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.       

1998    Gallery Director Show, Invitational, Brownsboro Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

            Fusion>Art=Technology 2, Invitational, Bank One Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A. 

            Alumni Show, Ballard High School Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

1997    Riversticks, Invitational, Louisville Visual Art Association, KY,  U.S.A. 

            Alumni Show, PNC Bank Lexington, The Downtown Gallery, KY,  U.S.A.

1995    Kentucky Women Artists, Curated, University of Kentucky Art Museum, KY, U.S.A.
                (Curator:  Harriet Fowler, Director, University of Kentucky Art Museum)

1994    Paperworks, Invitational, Mainz Art Museum, GERMANY

            The Horse, Invitational, Brownsboro Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A. 

1994    Members Show, Artswatch Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

1993    Kazi Mingi, Zanzibar Roots Gallery, Zanzibar,  TANZANIA

            Art On The Spot, Invitational, Zephyr Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

            Members Show, Artswatch Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.
            Loco-Motion, Invitational, Kentucky Art & Craft Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

            Salvage Arts, Invitational, Kentucky Art & Craft Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

1992    Members Show, Artswatch Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

            Mail Box Art Show, Invitational, Kentucky Art & Craft Gallery, Louisville, KY  U.S.A.

            Black Velvet Art Show, Artswatch Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

            82nd Water Tower Annual, Juried, Louisville Visual Art Association, KY,  U.S.A.
                (Juror:  Peter Bodnar II, Professor of Art, University of Illinois)

1991    Members Show, Artswatch Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

            81st Water Tower Annual, Juried, Award, Louisville Visual Art Association, KY,  U.S.A. 
                 (Juror:  Katherine T. Carter, Artist, Lecturer, Writer,Consultant, New York City)
             Lexington Arts Juried Visual Arts Exhibition, Public Library Gallery, KY  U.S.A.

1990    Runojen ja Rojojen Tie, (The Road of Poems and Borders), Jonensuu,  FINLAND

1989    39th Annual Mid-States Craft Exhibition, Museum of Art and Science, Evansville, IN  U.S.A. 

                 (Juror:  Michael Monroe, Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution)

            Almost Functional, Invitational, Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery, Louisville, KY,  U.S.A.

1988    Thanatopsis-Contemporary Expressions of Funerary Art, Louisville Visual Art Association, KY  U.S.A.

            Faculty Exhibition - University of Kentucky, Center for Contemporary Art, Lexington, KY 

1985    Dogs and Bathers, 3-person show, Artsplace, Lexington, KY,  U.S.A.

            Midwest Graduate Exhibition, Artlink Contemporary Artspace, Fort Wayne, IN,  U.S.A.
                (Juror:  William Struve,  Frumbkin Struve Gallery, Chicago)

            Basketball Themes, Invitational, Center for Contemporary Art, University of Kentucky,
                Lexington, KY, U.S.A.

1984    People and Pets, National Invitational, Louisville Art Gallery, KY,  U.S.A.

1984    74th Water Tower Annual, Juried, Louisville Visual Art  Association, KY,  U.S.A.
                (Juror:  Ted Potter, Director, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art,
                Winston-Salem, NC)

            37th Annual Mid States Art Exhibition, Evansville Museum of Art and Science, IN,  U.S.A 

                 (Juror:  David, Pease, Dean of Yale University School of Art) 

1983    Self Portrait Show, Chroma Zone Gallery, Denver, CO,  U.S.A.

            Outsiders Show, Pirate Gallery, Denver, CO,  U.S.A. 

            Second Annual Small Art Show, Core Gallery, Denver, CO,  U.S.A.

1982    Eight-State Annual: Painting, Juried, J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY  U.S.A.
                (Juror:  Suzanne Hillberry, Gallery Owner, Birmingham, Michigan)




Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung Newspaper, Mainz, GERMANY 2008

Der Mainzer Magazine, Mainz, GERMANY 2008

Angelo - Kentuckiana’s Art Magazine, Louisville, KY 2008

Louisville Eccentric Observer Magazine, Louisville, KY, U.S.A.  1993, 1996, 2002, 2004, 2007

The Courier Journal Newspaper, Louisville, KY, U.S.A. 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996,1999, 2007

WHAS Radio, Louisville, KY  2005

Louisville Eccentric Observer Magazine, Louisville, KY, U.S.A.  1993, 1996, 2002, 2004

WHAS Channel 11 Television, Louisville, KY  2000, 2002

El Sol Newspaper, Lima, PERU  1999

Gestion Newspaper, Lima, PERU  1999

CMC Cultural Channel Television, Lima, PERU  1999

El Comercio Newspaper, Lima, PERU  1999

El Peruano Newspaper, Lima, PERU  1999

Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper, Helsinki, FINLAND  1998

Weekly Review, News Magazine, KENYA  1993

WHAS Channel 11 Television, Louisville, KY  1993

Studio Magazine, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL  1991

The Daily Nation Newspaper, Nairobi, KENYA 1990


Mainz City Hall, Mainz, GERMANY

Allen Ginsberg, Poet, Estate of,  New York City
Sallie Bingham, Writer, Santa Fe, NM
Dr. Richard Leakey Jr., Archeologist, Nairobi, KENYA

Jak Katarikawe, Painter, Kampala, UGANDA

Allen & Elizabeth Winchester, Attorneys, New York City

Drs. Anna & David Obura, Nairobi, KENYA

Dafna Yoran, District Attorney-Prosecutor, New York City

Carl & Stephanie Wedekind, Philanthropists, Louisville

Varpu Lindroos, Attorney/Judge, Helsinki, FINLAND

Eric Roy, Banker, Nairobi, KENYA

Chen Sheng Ri, Professor, Fuzhou, CHINA

Christy Brown, Philanthropist, Louisville, Kentucky

Monica Brady, WBUR Radio Correspondent, Boston

Patricia Arnillas, Production Designer, New York City

Darrel Morris, Artist, Chicago

Lynn Winter, Restaurateur, Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, Louisville

Technical Research Center of Finland, Helsinki, FINLAND

Norma Rodriquez, Actor, Lima, PERU

Ana de Orbegoso, Photographer, Lima, PERU

Luis Lama, Art Critic, Lima, PERU

Dr. Morton & Ann Kasden, Louisville

Commonwealth Bank, Louisville

Bob Hill, Journalist, Louisville

Lois Matus, CEO, Brown Foreman Corp., Louisville



Kentucky Foundation for Women Grant 1992, Co-authored 2005

Bellarmine University Sabbatical Fall 2004

Bellarmine University Collegium Travel Grant 1994, 1999

Bellarmine University Faculty Summer Stipend, Bellarmine College 1996, 1998, 2003 (Recalled)

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts-Artist Colony Residency Grant 1992


2003-08     Amyx Gallery, New Castle, KY  U.S.A.

                   (six stone sculptures residing throughout the year)

2001-08     Hidden Hill, Utica, IN, 

                   (five stone sculptures residing throughout the year)

2002    Glassworks, Louisville
                (sculpture bike rack, three permanent outdoor stone sculptures)

2001    Hidden Hill Gallery, Utica, IN, U.S.A.
                (eight stone sculptures residing throughout year)

2000    Crescent Hill Library, Louisville
                (one-month exhibition of nine framed photographs)

1998    UPS Executive Headquarters, Louisville
                (two-month installation of ten framed photographs)

1997    Crescent Hill Library, Louisville
                (one-month exhibition of nine paintings)

1993    Zephyr Gallery, Louisville
                (one-month installation of 15’ mixed media sculpture)

1992    Louisville Visual Art Association Gallery
                (one-year-plus installation of Wall Y’all wood sculpture)

1984    Center for the Performing Arts, Stage Design - Amber Moon Productions, Lexington
                (stage design which included four 3’ x 4’ paintings)

1981    Commissioned, Coca Cola Corporation, Elizabethtown, KY
                (outdoor 8’ x 15’ wall hanging using soft drink cans)

80-82   University of Kentucky, Canart, Lexington
                (outdoor wall hangings ranging in size from 8’ x 12’ to 5’ x 21’ using cans)




• Member, American Association of University Women, 2007-2009

• Member, College Art Association, 1993-2008

• Member, American Association of University Professors, 2005-2008      

• Member, Crane House Asian Cultural Institute, 1994-2009

• Member, J.B. Speed Art Museum  1992-2009
• Member, College Art Association New York City  1991- 2006
• President/Founding Member, Enid, Generations of Women Sculptors  1997- 2009
• Gallery Artist, Hidden Hill Gallery, Utica, IN  2001-2006
• Gallery Artist, Amyx Art Gallery, New Castle, KY  2003-2006
• Member, International Sculpture Center  2005-2006
• External Program Reviewer, Kentucky Wesleyan College  2005
• Gallery Artist, Louisville Visual Art Association Gallery  1991-2001
• Member, American Association of Woodturners  2001
• Gallery Artist, Brownsboro Gallery, Louisville, KY  1993-1999
• Gallery Artist, Art Jones Gallery, Cincinnati, OH  1988-1989
• Gallery Artist, J.B. Speed Art Museum Rental Purchase Gallery  1985-1988



• Contributor, Ariel   2001-2006
• Member, Campus Safety Committee  2000-2006
• Scholarship Interviews - Annually
• Late-Night Breakfasts - Annually
• SOAR - Annually
• Preview Days - Annually
• Art Department Liasion, ACCESS  1992-2005
• Art Advisor to the College, Installed artwork at five campus sites  1992-2004
• Designer, Commuter Center Kitchen for Student Center  2004
• Member, Arts & Sciences Personnel Committee  2001-2003
• Member, Rank & Tenure Committee  1999-2001
• Member, Arts & Sciences Dean Search Committee  2001
• Member, Student Affairs Judicial Review Panel (as needed)
• Member, Alternative Core Committee  1999-2000
• Member, Awards & Honors Subcommittee  1999-2000  
• Member, Student Affairs Committee  1993-1999 
• Member, Faculty Development Subcommittee  1998-1999
• Member, Arts Administration Committee  1997-1999 
• Presenter, Faculty Forum  1997, 1999
• Leader, Ropes Course  1997-1998
• Member, Library Art Committee  1997-1998 
        committee of four which purchased $85,000.00 of regional artwork
• Member, ThinkFast Steering Committee  1993-1997
• Group Co-Leader of Bellarmine Students, EF Educational Tours - Egypt  1996
• Member, Bremen Scholars  1992-1996
• Recruiter, Annual Portfolio Days, Louisville Visual Art Association and Manuel
        School of the Visual Arts  1992-1996
• Member, Women’s Studies Minor, Ad-hoc Committee  1995
• Member, Women’s History Month Steering Committee  1994-1995
• Pitcher, Bellarmine Biohazards Softball Team  1994, 1995
• Player, Homecoming Faculty/Student Basketball Game  1995
• Presenter, International Travelogue  1994, 1995
• Advisor, Seeds of Change Smithsonian Exhibition, McGrath Gallery,  1994-1995
• Presenter, Bellarmine Bound Day  1994, 1995
• Member, President’s Round Table  1994
• Presenter, Summer Study & Travel Information Session  1994
• Volunteer, Bellarmine Choral Program  1992-1994
• Member, Foreign Language Task Force  1993-1994
• Member, Collegium Subcommittee, New Faculty Orientation  1993-1994
• Guest Lecturer, Human Sexuality Course, Senior Seminars  1992-1994

• Faculty Advisor, Art Club  1992-1994
• Presenter, Student Affairs, “Faculty Show & Tell”  1993
• Member, Collegium Subcommittee:  Faculty Retreat  1992-1993


• Chair, Art Department  1996-2006
• Academic Advisor to all Art Majors and Minors  1994-2006 
• Authored all Departmental Documents  1992-2006
        including the SACS Review - Art Department Self-Study

• Organizer, Art Department Open House  1994-2002 
• Department Representative, Metroversity Art Committee  1992-1996
• Web Developer for Art Department website  2002-2006



• Juror, Bernheim International Artist Fellowship 2006
• Mural Painter, Childrens Ward of Hospital Regional De Zacapa, GUATEMALA 2006
• Crescent Hill Community Council Member 2003-2006
• Board Member (currently serving as chair), Exceptional Equitation  2001-2006
• Alumni Regional Interviewer, Harvard University World Teach 2000-2006

• Mural Painter, Staff Room, St. Lukes Hospital, vieux Fort, ST. LUCIA 2005
• Juror, Eastern High School Annual Art Contest, 2003, 2004
• Donator, 500 pounds of Science and English textbooks to Hanoi Institute of Technology, VietNam 2003
• Coordinator, Louisville Visual Art Association, Children’s Free Art Classes, Bellarmine Site  1995-2002
• Juror, LEO Magazine Photography Contest  2001
• Juror, Sacred Heart Academy’s Annual Student Art Exhibition  1993-2001
• Juror, National Scholastics Art Competition, Louisville Entries  1993, 1994, 1999, 2000
• Board member, Louisville Visual Art Association  1993-1999   
• Mentor, Artist n’ Me, Ky Foundation for Women & The Kyiana Girl Scouts (semester long, weekly) 1998   

• Board member, Kentucky Foundation for Women  1994-1997       
• Juror, Buechel Women's Club Annual Art Competition  1996
• Presenter, Governor's School for the Arts Portfolio Outreach Workshop  1996
• Panelist, Speed Art Museum Advisory Panel-Education  1996
• Guest Lecturer, Governor’s School for the Arts  1988, 1994, 1995
• Juror, Annual Student Show, Jefferson Community College  1995
• Float Designer & Painter, Pegasus Parade, Derby City Mustangs Wheelchair Athletic Club  1995
• Presenter, Kentucky Foundation for Women, Women’s Expo  1995
• Guest Lecturer, Art History, Jefferson Community College  1995
• Volunteer,  Louisville Visual Arts Network & Heart to Heart Annual Fund Raiser  1995
• Guest Lecturer, Louisville Visual Art Association, “Artists’ Adventures”  1994
• Review Committee, Sacred Heart Academy, Southern Association of Schools & Colleges Evaluation  1994
• Lecturer, Elderhostels  1994
• Photographer, The Record (newspaper), Bob Lockhart in El Salvador article  1994
• Juror, Schrodt Art Studio Annual Show, Louisville, KY  1994
• Elvis, Pegasus Parade, WRKA Marching Elvis Brigade  1994
• Replacement Lecturer, University of Louisville, covered classes two weeks for hospitalized sculpture professor  1993
• Presenter, Iroquois Middle School Students At Risk  1993
• Juror, Indiana University Southeast Annual Student Exhibition  1993
• Volunteer, J.B. Speed Art Museum Outreach Program  1993
• Lecturer, New Albany High School Talent Talks, “Arts Professions”  1993
• Juror, Kentucky Water Color Society Annual Member Show  1992
• Juror, Governor’s School for the Arts Application portfolios  1992



• Louisville Visual Art Association Traveling Education Sculpture Crate 2000-2005
• Guatemala Fundraiser, 2004
• Farm Family Fundraiser, Chair, Wendell Berry, 2004
• Louisville Visual Art Association Annual Art Auction  1991-2002
• Channel 15 Annual Art Auction  1994, 1995
• Artswatch Gallery Art Auction  1991, 1992, 1994
• Bellarmine College Art Auction Library Fundraiser  1993



Conference Attendee:  20th International Sculpture Center Conference, Cincinnati, 2006

Conference Attendee:  Louisville Visual Art Association, Call to Conversation and Action, 2005

Symposium Attendee:  Redrawing the Visual Landscape, The Speed Art Museum & Sutherland Foundation, Louisville, 2004

Workshop Attendee:  The Future of the Speed Art Museum  2002

Conference Attendee:  College Art Association annual meetings attended: Washington D.C. 1991, Chicago 1992,

                                    Seattle 1993, New York 1994, 1997, 2000

Workshop Attendee:   “Non-Toxic Printmaking Methods,” Seton Hill College, Greensburg, PA  1995

Workshop Attendee:  Improving College Teaching with Bill Cashin, Bellarmine College  1995

Travel:  Crane House, Teaching Exchange Program, Fujian Province, CHINA  1994

Travel:  Bellarmine College Delegation to Calle Real, EL SALVADOR  1994

Workshop Attendee:  Internet, Bellarmine College  1994

Conference Attendee:  Kentucky Arts Council Annual Conference  1994

Workshop Attendee:  Council of Independent Colleges, Collaborative Learning, Raleigh, NC 1993

Conference Attendee:  “Art & Science,” The Chicago Academy of Sciences, Chicago  1993

Travel:  Six-week self-guided research in EGYPT, KENYA, UGANDA and TANZANIA  1993

Conference Attendee:  “Changing Curricula/Changing Practice:  World Cultures and General Education,”

                                    Univ. of Chicago Center for Continuing Studies  1992
Conference Attendee:  “Drawing On Culture,” Kenya Education Bureau, Nairobi   1989



1990            Signature Magazine Kenya (Diners Club International), Photographer and Writer, Nairobi, KENYA

1986-87      Metropolitan Museum of Art, Inventory Management, Art Books Department,
                            (40,000 titles-World's Largest Art Bookstore) New York City

1986            Sam Flax Art Supplies, Commercial Sales Department, New York City

1986            Ungaro, Haute Couture, Dresser, New York City

1988            Art Historical Tour Guide, Cemetery Monuments-Cave Hill Cemetery
                            Louisville Visual Art Association

1984            Gallery Director, Center for Contemporary Art, University of Kentucky, Lexington

1983            Gallery Director, Barnhart Gallery, University of Kentucky, Lexington


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