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Teaching Philosophy

Statement of Teaching and Research Philosophy
Mark R. Wiegand, PhD, PT
January, 1996

Students are individuals, with unique personalities, talents, backgrounds and learning styles.  My role as a physical therapist educator is to

  • serve as a mentor and role model for developing professionals,
  • facilitate student understanding and application of human anatomical sciences to clinical rehabilitation situations, and
  • develop the critical thinking skills necessary for physical therapy graduates to assume primary care and autonomous physical therapy practice responsibilities.

I believe that a solid and thorough understanding of the basic sciences is necessary for physical therapy students to perform effectively in clinical practice and to apply new ideas in patient care.  Instruction in the basic sciences must give emphasis to topics of clinical importance - the needs of clinical practice must dictate the basic science instruction.

In order for me to effectively teach physical therapy students anatomical sciences, I must be involved in patient care situations. The process of clinical decision-making allows me to provide clinical examples to underscore classroom presentations.  Clinical interaction enhances my teaching skills - I have chosen geriatric physical therapy as my area of clinical interest.

I believe that students must develop personal habits and skills in research consumerism to challenge their creative abilities and to provide the highest level of care for patients.  I enthusiastically promote to students

  • the critical evaluation of scientific and clinical literature,
  • the application of research findings to clinical practice, and
  • participation in the research process. 

My research endeavors direct my clinical practice techniques, promote function in my patients, and facilitate my teaching.

                             Revisited January 1998; August 2000
August 2002; August 2004


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