student assists patient with physical therapy exercise

“I loved the one on one attention with the students and faculty.
They are great.  I want to thank you all for such great service and fun.” – MF

“Thank you so much for your help with my ankle. Your students were fantastic. I am so grateful for the services they provided.” – DS

“I’ve been to physical therapy before, but have never had as thorough assessment, and I really appreciate that.” – BL

“I just wanted to thank the faculty and students for the wonderful session (physical therapy) today. My involvement with physical therapy has been limited. I was EXTREMELY impressed with the knowledge your students were able to share and their willingness to 'jump in' with the hands on activities. The posture examination done by the students was great. They were able to explain in plain English, how my slight scoliosis effects the position of my head, shoulders, and spine. If this particular class of students is any indication of the caliber of students the program attracts and graduates, MAJOR KUDOS are in order! Congratulations to you and your faculty for a great program.” – JB

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